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  1. Fuzzylogic

    My life - gone.

    oh the funs of using FDISK, generally never used unless you have a new HD or just formatted one. I had fun trying to use that program and after some frustration i finally got it to work but i've never had the argue to try it while files where on it. You've really stuffed up as you can't really...
  2. Fuzzylogic

    What games do you remember playing as a kid?

    80's that era of great classic gaming, where no matter how many different times you played something you could never got bored of it. i can't think how many hours i spend playing those games and never really getting bored with them.
  3. Fuzzylogic

    What games do you remember playing as a kid?

    not very potically correct :rolleyes2 ... these games are way to new, does anyone remember digger? (a remake can be found at www.digger.org) or alleycat ?. These are the games i remember playing back in teh day on our 8088. fanastic games that could be played for hours and i could never got...
  4. Fuzzylogic

    Free gas

    speaking of burning protestors and hippies, there are plently here to burn in victoria. For the last several months they have been protesting about wind farms. According to them wind farms are bad things, because they apparently kill birds specially migirating ones, cause 'vibrations' and are...
  5. Fuzzylogic

    Free gas

    thats every true, and also that fact that most of australias population live in cities anyway and that a car that size and power is perfect. that only place where its not going to be useful is the outback. Actually most rural towns around the southern part are only 20 minutes drive away...
  6. Fuzzylogic

    Formatting a Compaq PC

    theres a very easy way to format old compaq computers: 1) climb up 20 storey building with compaq 2) place said compaq on open window of 20th storey building 3) push on a more serious note, unless you have the orginal software for the compaq then you in deep problems. All the recovery cds...
  7. Fuzzylogic

    wooh 1000 posts

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: and one more post to my count!
  8. Fuzzylogic

    The Best Business

    Hi my name is Fuzzylogic and :chicken:s are evil :chicken:
  9. Fuzzylogic

    Jan's HOT!

    what the hell is this thread about?, all the link is about is a web offer?
  10. Fuzzylogic

    New Computer

    or aviod all the low-end offerings from nvida, go for a ati 9250, a very good card or the ati 9550 card. :biggrin2:
  11. Fuzzylogic

    Merry New Year!

    thats the best new years above. hope this year is bright and cheerful to all members of fws.net
  12. Fuzzylogic

    MS take over Giant corp - SPAM INSPECTOR

    no this is a microsofts innovation at work peoples.
  13. Fuzzylogic

    Making a Linux Squid box for my home network?

    i think a pentium was about the slowest, a 3 gig harddisk and i'm not sure about the ram. just put plenty in the server for optium preformance and go from there.
  14. Fuzzylogic

    USB 2 Hub with external hard disk

    you could also try and directly connect it to a usb port than the hub itself and see if that solves the problem. it may just be the problem of the computer being bombarded with all those devices and the proformance of the external harddisk may be effected.
  15. Fuzzylogic

    Making a Linux Squid box for my home network?

    you could try smoothwall as well. apparently it isn't too hard to setup and doesn't require a fast computer to use at all.
  16. Fuzzylogic

    getting rid of windows restore points? good or bad?

    i'd remove windows restore pionts, i've got a 40 gig hard drive and windows restore points where taking up to 2 gig of space. really not worth it anyway, i've never used the feature.
  17. Fuzzylogic

    Border guards have discovered a 3KM Long hose that was being used to smuggle vodka.

    bam, though i'm suprised that the border guards didn't keep quiet about it really. i mean, they could have had thier own private supply of vodka.
  18. Fuzzylogic

    E-gold a new form of currency

    scam. simplely that, really, you haven't even posted a website address and don't even know how it works.
  19. Fuzzylogic

    Dell or Sony Vaio

    sony for the really good features and dell for the preformance. its really up to you. if your just looking for a laptop then go dell. if your looking for a replacement of your desktop then sony.
  20. Fuzzylogic

    cheap graphics card

    yes the 'SE' i'm sure stands for many things including S**t edition, slouth edition or slow edition. besides being cheap i don't see why ati has so many different SE edition cards. I hope the requirements are that low, my computer a duron 1.3GHZ with 256mb DDR and a Geforce 4MX will hopely do...