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  1. intek

    BeTheTopSite - King of the Bill Clone -- Only $24.95

    I have purchased a copy of the script. Everything seems to be working perfectly and cyberoptik was even kind enough to install it for me, free of charge! Thanks again, guys get this why its so cheap.
  2. intek

    Looking for some one to slice and code PSD

    Hey I am looking for a expierenced person to slice and code a PSD file for me. It needs to have css and some roll over buttons added. Please pm me if interested. Thanks
  3. intek

    FREE Hosting accounts available %99.9 uptime

    Accounts given out. Sorry Small? Its free.. 100mb is more than enough.
  4. intek

    FREE Hosting accounts available %99.9 uptime

    Hello I am giving away 2 hosting accounts 2 the first 2 people that PM me. No ads, no posting. I have some space peft on my server and thought what the heck its Chritmas! 100mb space 1gb bandwidth unlimited features, email, mysqls etc.. thanks!
  5. intek

    Looking for links/banner spots.. must have at least 1k uniques per day

    Hello all Im looking to advertise on webmaster related web sites. Blogs, forums, etc.. Your site must get at least 1k uniques per day (i will need screen shots of this) Please pm me. Thanks
  6. intek

    Need Site Hosting: Offers Only Please

    How much space and bandwidth do you require? Can you post some more details please. Thanks
  7. intek

    Looking for someone to slice and code PSD. into a php script.

    Hey guys Looking for someone to slice and code a PSD into a script im using. Need this done quite quickly, I will need a few of these done, so im looking for a long term buisness relationship. Offering $20 per job. Please PM me here. Thanks Martyn
  8. intek


    could you please pm me his email adress? Thanks
  9. intek


    Just paid for the domain, but it wont let me send you a pm here now for some reason? The topic has also been removed? The domain was: webyspace.com please push to my account at domainsite account code: 94335-3a6a413 Thank you
  10. intek

    full website (design+scripting), for 18$

    I would also like to see some of your work. Please add me on msn support@intekhosting.com
  11. intek

    Anyone tried Gate.com yet?

    You mean as in ex employee`s or they have simply opened another hosting company?. Seems a little strange for a hosting company to do that, when they have such a good thing going, but then again i guess they dont want any compettion lol.
  12. intek

    Anyone tried Gate.com yet?

    Just woundering if anyone has tried Gate.com yet? There quite new and seem to be spending a huge budget on advertiseing recently. Anyone tried there services? any good?
  13. intek

    Cheap web hosting

    Think about it. How much does the Host have to pay for the server every month? How much of his time is he giving to his customers each month? Staff, wages, maintenence. And he can offer you $1 hosting a month? I would run like it was the plauge my friend.
  14. intek

    Free advertising! for Hosts only

    www.SearchingHost.com Please add your link too our directory. We get around 30-40 visits per day and growing. This is a free promotion. Thank you.
  15. intek

    --Domains Must GO!--

    EmailRead.com I wanted to set this up as a email reading business, for people or businesses that cannot monitor rthere mail 24 hours a day. You could charge per mail read etc.. - $50 ForumSkin.net This explains its self. Sell forum Skins online. - $50 eHostDirectory.com Premium directory...
  16. intek

    --Domains Must GO!--

    Julx.com - $60 Brandable 4 letter domain, Think Julx Web Solutions etc.. NJey.com -$60 Brandable 4 letter domain, New Jersey? eHostDirectory.com -$50 Premium host directory domain name. ForumSkin.net - $40 Sell forum skins online. AvailableList.com - $30 Make lists of domain...
  17. intek

    ***$10 Domains! Julx.com and many more!***

  18. intek

    post deleted?

    Hello I have posted a domain sale in the ads & offers section and it seems to have been removed. I cannot see a vaild reason for the deletion. Please could you look into this. thanks martyn