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  1. Riverworld

    Need a host for my harry potter/lotr fansite

    http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=54965 http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=54968 http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=57609 http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=57755 You've repeated this very same thread, word for word, five times over the...
  2. Riverworld

    Can this price attract people for virtual hosting?

    I personally think the following ratio is optimal for shared hosting: space:transfer 1:20 That would cater for the majority of users, plus also give them a bit of extra transfer 'just in case'. Yet I said it's personally what I think; it's entirely up to you. Best of luck ;)
  3. Riverworld

    Can this price attract people for virtual hosting?

    It scares me slightly... How come the space is disproportioned to the transfer so much? I mean, upload your site and view it all two or three times and bang, everything's used. Yet, it's all about finding a nice medium in the end. You'll get customers with any price, if you pay for cards...
  4. Riverworld


    He hasn't got a 486 hooked up, does he? ;)
  5. Riverworld

    where to buy cpanel/whm liscences cheap

    As far as I know: You wont find an external license for less than $55 per month - check out www.cpanel.net for the list of distrubutors ;)
  6. Riverworld

    Need domain hosting for free, small

    Which host did he go with in the end?
  7. Riverworld

    Looking for a host. Not much space needed

    Hey seyi, Have a look at www.clubhost.us - I'm sure they would love to host your website. No forum posting is required for any account under Gold. If you have any questions, post back and I'm sure Amz will find it ;) Have a good day.
  8. Riverworld

    Need domain hosting for free, small

    Thanks CareBear! I shouldn't be so indolent and look it up myself.
  9. Riverworld

    Need domain hosting for free, small

    What country is the .ua domain for? Is that where you live Dallas?
  10. Riverworld

    HIH Refuses to Disclose Datacenters

    It brings about curiosity, at the least. It also makes one wonder, 'what are they trying to hide?' Afterall, you can trace things fairly easily and determine whom has rights to IP address'...
  11. Riverworld

    2 Moderators!!! (angry)

    I'll try to respond as best I can, though your English is somewhat disjointed. So following your direction, I can say "I'm sorry, but you obviously have no idea what a business plan is for a start, nor does it seem you have any basic foundations of how to conduct yourself in a proper manner"...
  12. Riverworld

    Need domain hosting for free, small

    How curious. Curious indeed. What's your 'friends' website about?
  13. Riverworld

    2 Moderators!!! (angry)

    Your posts are being deleted for a very good reason; they don't follow the rules everyone has to abide to. You're no special case. Yet, your also going into threads and commenting on other hosts plans. What right do you have to instruct other people how their should conduct their business...
  14. Riverworld

    Less Than $15 a Year

    Reply to post below: Just slightly concerned, and I realise it's imperative you find hosting tonight. For what you need, most hosting plans are going to start at least $6-7 per month... depending of course. Perhaps you would consider contributing the whole of your funds now, then...
  15. Riverworld

    Still in search off a host

    Hey DARIDE, www.RiverWorld.net is a stable and reliable host, offering solutions for a good run thus far. I would sincerely encourage you to explore Riverworld as an option ;) RWusCustom 10,000mb of disk space 180gb of data transfer per month cPanel plus its great features 35.99€ per...
  16. Riverworld

    Need quotes on hosting

    Good day striker, www.RiverWorld.net can offer you a suitable plan suited just for you: RWusCustom 3gb disk space 100gb data transfer per month cPanel including Fanstastico and all other features onlyUS$37.99 per month Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are all...
  17. Riverworld

    Hosting for footy site

    Riverworld.net can give you 100mb space with 2gb data transfer per month. No ads, links, forum posts - just pure clean hosting. cPanel included - any domain or yourname.riverworld.net Send me a PM if your interested ;) Best of luck in your searches, Have a great day.
  18. Riverworld

    Free Reseller Account, Please?

    It doesn't, and is best to be ignored.
  19. Riverworld

    Need hosting

    Many people are cautious when they approach website hosting plans, hence request more than they need to prevent future yet normally unreached problems. If you send a PM along, I'll organise something for you if you wish. cPanel - you can use your own TLD (.com .net .org .info, etc) or a...
  20. Riverworld

    Free Reseller Account, Please?

    Perhaps you would be well suited with an agent styled account. If you were run support services for your clients, yet billing and server resources are handled by a third-party host. Many hosts would be eagre to help you out, if this were the case. Best of luck :)