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  1. CareBear

    Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?

    If you want it for free: http://www.tucows.com/grap95_default.html and take a look at anything that's marked 'freeware'. There should be at least one you like.
  2. CareBear

    About me comp.

    You can't use Creative drivers for another manufacturer's soundcard in case that's what you were trying to do. If you can't wait for their website to be up again, http://www.soundcard-drivers.com/companies/372.htm might help you. From googling it seems the Esoniq SB64 is their 1370 chipset...
  3. CareBear

    What is the best ?

    Just to note. If you should ever use WMP to rip from cd to wma, they'll only be playable on your computer and not someone else's (unless they took that annoying bit out since WMP7).
  4. CareBear

    Win2000 or Win2003?

    Disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security has to be the only site that talks about unsecuring IE :biggrin2:
  5. CareBear

    Win2000 or Win2003?

    That was my initial thought as well. Adding dollar values to the products usually gets the point across to everyone else without making it an obvious slap :P.
  6. CareBear

    Win2000 or Win2003?

    You're going to switch from an OS that costs $250 to one that costs $1200 just to play games? :confused4 In any case as an answer: Windows 2003 Server wasn't designed with playing games in mind so be prepared to go hunt around for a way to turn hardware acceleration back on and to enable...
  7. CareBear


    Every now and then I come across weird DNS problems with them. They usually sort themselves out in 2-3 days. Usually seems to occur when a nameserver gets updated or changed. Thanks for the IP, but that's how I was able to post yesterday in the first place :). Still no luck resolving this...
  8. CareBear


    Looks like my ISP this morning decided that freewebspace.net no longer exists :confused4 I thought there was some downtime initially, until I still couldn't get it to load after a couple of hours. Everything works fine, except it can't resolve (www.)freewebspace.net to an IP. :eek2:
  9. CareBear

    Home Network Problem

    Did you try just resetting the router - there should be a button somewhere - to its factory default and start from scratch with the settings?
  10. CareBear

    changing desktop apperance back to normal

    Right click the desktop, select properties, go over to the appearance tab. Make sure 'Font Size' is set to 'Normal', then click the Advanced button. Pick 'Icon' from the dropdown combobox. Size should be 32 with Tahoma 8 for font. 'Icon Spacing (Horizontal)' should be 43. 'Icon Spacing...
  11. CareBear

    Needed: Need for Speed 2 SE

    There's always the option of contacting Electronic Arts and asking if they're willing (or still able) to provide you with a replacement CD.
  12. CareBear

    XML Feed Search Results

    Execute the search from a server side script, parse out the HTML the search engine returns, format and output it the way you want on your site. I doubt this would be a legal use of search engines though.
  13. CareBear

    What is double-layer DVD writer?

    All DVD drives will read a double layer DVD disc. All DVD writers will be able to write 4.4Gb (single layer) onto a double layer DVD disc (assuming the disc is a compatible format for them). Only a DVD dual layer capable writer can write to both layers and fit 8.8Gb onto a single side of a DVD.
  14. CareBear

    WOAH cool link hover effect :D BUT HOW ???

    "View source" is your friend :P
  15. CareBear

    XML Feed Search Results

    Take a look at Google's offered webservices @ http://www.google.com/apis/
  16. CareBear

    In Remembrance of Sept. 11th 2001

    Are the 3000 that died three years ago more worthy of rememberance than the drama that occured in Russia just recently? Or the ones that were just killed in Iraq by a car bomb? Why isn't anyone here expressing their sympathy for that; yet expecting the rest of the world to do so for what...
  17. CareBear

    ASP or ASP.NET Resources?

    Free desktop version of SQL Server 2000: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/msde/ SQL Server 2005 Express: http://msdn.microsoft.com/sql/express .NET Framework: http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/ - you'll need to download the runtime + SDK Web Matrix project if you don't have VS.NET...
  18. CareBear

    Microsoft Windows XP SP2

    http://www.maxthon.com/en/index.htm = IE + tabbed browsing + mouse gestures
  19. CareBear

    Survey Takers & XP SP2

    When it blocks a popup, you get a yellow slide in bar that says: "Pop-up blocked. To see this pop-up or additional options click here." If you click it, you have the option to either "Temporarily allow pop-ups" or "Always allow pop-ups from this site". Under Tools there's a "Pop-up blocker"...
  20. CareBear

    It's official, Bush will win comfortably in November.

    If that were true, then why does anyone care about Kerry's medals? (Or Bush's tour of duty sometime back) American elections just seem like a big joke from my POV. The candidate who can flaunt and squander the most millions on his campaign, makes the biggest spectacle and succeeds in digging...