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    Need FFmpeg Host

    I think about 25-50 GB That's cool, but i m not interested for post 2 host coz i dont have time to do this. P.S I can give good backlinks too back, pr3+ So if u give a more space 5-10gb, leav a msg.
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    Need FFmpeg Host

    I just need a lil bit space, 500-1000mb to test something. And it's YouTube converter website which i code atm. So if u can help, plz leav a msg. Thanks, Regards
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    Did you custom design your site or use a template?

    I design my own site. I love it because I will be able to fully customize the page.
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    Web Video player?

    I use: jPlayer is the completely free and open source (GPL/MIT) media library written in javascript. A jQuery plugin, jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages. jplayer.org Try it out.
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    .htaccess : Hiding .php extensions in URL

    Try this out: RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^home$ /home.php\ [L] Than do it with other files.
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    Which web browser do you use?

    At work I am forced to used IE8. As for my personal choice and what I use, I have always gravitated to Firefox, but lately I find I probably use Chrome 60% of the time, Firefox 4 25% of the time, and IE9 15% of the time. I definitely notice a speed advantage on Chrome, and that I why it is now...
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    What do most customers look for?

    Do you offer cPanel, how "strong" is server security, support + uptime, this is all customers need, and affordability too.
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    Design stealing/duplication

    Just encrypt the code, try with Easy PHP Encrypt 1.0 You can encrypt all files, and the rippers dont have any chance.
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    Post your jokes

    "My computer just beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at Kick Boxing" :lol:
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    what is your dream in your life?

    It's true that everyone have a deam in life and try with all his efforts to achieve them.and of course those dreams change during each step of life there are those who have many dreams and those who ,unfortuntely, kill their dreams. For those who think like that i say that you should believe...
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    Review my file hosting site

    2 minute delay for a file? No thanks, and who says that your site will have good uptime and download speed? Btw, design is awesome.