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    What is a good host for CGI

    Am I a Bank ? LOLOL, If i'm looking for free space, with CGI.... it means I have no way of buying some and even with that I hate credit cards, I absuletly won't use 1 and for god sake...... it's easy to get any one credit card number from transaction they make...... just go on the Chat in...
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    What is a good host for CGI

    Oh ok ok.... Ok then, i'll simply remove the CGI and replace it by a JavaScript that will do the same thing.... might take more time but anyway.
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    What is a good host for CGI

    LOLOL ! No actually, they didn't and I ask them if they would, they said if you aint getting high traffic.... we won't really do aything about it.
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    DomainZero is no longer free.

    Yeah...... =/ I tried it maybe a week ago and I was like euhhhh I have payy ? I said to my self " The Hell With That " lol
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    Free Host With PHP and at least 20mb of space

    HI, I'd be looking for a service that would include any match for these criteria's PHP or CGI 20mb to unlimited Subdomaine or Not Banners or Not ( my would be CGI + 20mb + Subdomaine + Banners ) since I whan't to run a Forum, Guestbook ) but it seems PHP is easier..... In any...
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    What is a good host for CGI

    Yep it's not a criteria, since the banner won't be there. Ah well, doesn't really mather since the banner won't be there, i'll remove it with a CGI script running server side. It has work before and with no problem, tought i'll have to modifie it a little to fit what I need. But the CGI is...
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    What is a good host for CGI

    With What I need...... ummm Hi, Well I know them both, but with what I need to do and a couple of months i'll need more webspace and expand.... since it's going to be a big website and not it's not a personal lame page. Most site made by us are semi pro design, can't be professional with...
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    I'll try it..

    Damn ! 12, 13, 14 years old...... aren't there any one above 18 ? =)
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    There's some

    Well try searching again, but combining ASP and CGI is extremly hard to get you would be able to get what you whant if you exlucded one of the following ASP or CGI and NO ADS.
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    What is a good host for CGI

    Don't look just get ! I have found several, but the problems is, slow support or slow speed.
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    What is a good host for CGI

    Hi, We were asking our selves what would be a good free host with fast speed, around 50mb + cgi + sub-domain ( Sub domain is not a necessity ) but 50mb and more would... depends.... it will take time to fill 50mb so will start off with that. Anything matching around that ( Note : CGI is...