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    Protect Yourself & Your Business for Just $9.99 - Can You Afford Not to?

    sorry to sound like a party pooper but with legislation you're more in danger by using stuff that u didn't fully write and understand yourself than by using nothing at all :wave:
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    PR7 text links for $100/mo

    Text links are available from PR7 pages for $100/mo per link per page... Holla if you're interested :idea:
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    vBulletin Guru For Hire

    hi leriss, i'm interested in hiring you for an hour or two to help me get vbulletin up and running in the near future
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    Hosting Request

    also try freehostia and awardspace
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    Birmingham PR - Please review

    this is enough evidence for me with regards to the accuracy of the statement in question: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=the+second+largest+city+in+the+uk+is* how could i brighten up the design? any tips? i tried using colours instead of the grey but it didn't look very professional. maybe...
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    Birmingham PR - Please review

    The aim of the site is to provide directory information about all incorporated companies in birmingham and in the industries mentioned. i also wanna make it very accessible, well optimised in the search engines for both company details and general terms like 'birmingham pr' or 'marketing in...
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    Birmingham PR - Please review

    thanks for the critical thoughts guys and gals. any thoughts as to how it could be improved would be much appreciated
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    Birmingham PR - Please review

    Please review Birmingham PR (birminghampr.co.uk) i've tried to make the site a little more interesting than standard directory listings. i'm looking for feedback on design, access, seo (relevant to advertising, public relations, pr, promotion, sales, strategy, media, marketing, branding...
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    Review this design

    it's not bad. a decent design. the footer seems to wander a bit too far to the left on the homepage though. cool link to top of page from the bottom. i like the style of the nav at the right - very simple and understandable - and the single google add is a good look too. the 'what is epichost'...
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    Please review part 2!

    hi simplestart, the designis nice. would be better if the main 4 nav buttons were selected from the padding, rather than having to mouseover the exact word inside each button. text is too small .... would be better to have some more large text or headings so that i can get a quick idea of what...
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    I Need A Webhost Wich Is Ad Less

    the requirements of the free host i use for @Birmingham are to place such text on the index page only. this seems like what you're after. for no ads at all try freehostia - and if you don't mind only forced ads on error pages try awardspace - both are popular php & mysql hosts.
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    What could I do better?

    my honest opinion: it's a noble theme and good URL so deserves the best content you can make. discard the template and code the site yourself, and simplify the wording. start with the ultimate phrase of wisdom and finish with the ultimate instant teaching to catch those who rush to the end.
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    Any webmasters with relevant stuff to Birmingham?

    great idea v0dka - i've sent you an email :knockedou
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    Any webmasters with relevant stuff to Birmingham?

    do let me know the link to this site when it's ready oldman2
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    Any webmasters with relevant stuff to Birmingham?

    Yesy, UK. Do you do anything interesting of a social nature that the general public would not consider to be completely commercial? Do you do anything brum-related of a social nature that the general public would not consider to be completely commercial? If so, please let me know about it...
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    Any webmasters with relevant stuff to Birmingham?

    Birmingham, Birmingham, Birmingham, baby! Any webmasters with relevant stuff to Birmingham? Let me know, we can do a bit of reciprocal affiliate linking or maybe work together in some way :beer:
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Birmingham Is this really the longest forum thread in the whole Web?
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    This is cool - Count me in :)
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    Please Review My Site-I have No Sales

    the worst sites need the most help :lol:
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    Please review this

    get rid of the scripting or at least make it more efficient. simplify your markup and scripting as much as possible, and don't use too many strange objects.