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    Alex Online 4.0!

    What a DUMB statement. We vB license holders want to get updates for the product. vBulletin is still the best board around and once phpBB will be finished they will already release vB2 which is seriously the best board ever. The peopl who work on that software need to get paid, the company needs...
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    Please review this site

    more please ;)
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    CD Burner, Adaptec software question

    Might be Windows Media Player 8 playing up. Those two have some conflicts in matter DLLs...
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    Please review this site

    any more reviews still appriciated!
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    'Test things out' is obselete...

    Maybe it's FreeWebSpace who likes the number of posts that forum is bringing in for their stats. Believe me: guests decide on a basis that includes number of posts...
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    Need for Speed? (not the game)

    What kind of internet connection do you have?
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    Please review this site

    Hey, Any comments/suggestion on http://www.eDevBoards.com are much appreciated! Thanks in advance
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    Free services to offer on your own site?

    Is there any site which lets me offer their services in my interface? I mean free services for webmasters.
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    PHP hosting and no ads

    Hello, Basically I'm searching for a FREE host with PHP support where I can host some of my scripts on (for free services). They would get a link in my directory but that's another case. Anyway I don't care about the amount of webspace, I only care that it has PHP support and is VERY RELIABLE.
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    best euro fwp???

    Well, I haven't been able to find free ones, except those of the local ISPs but they mostly don't have PHP support and such...
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    what are the ages round here?

    I'm around 16