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    Liquidweb is a giant hosting provider. Are you looking for big hosting companies in a specific country?
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    Hello, I need advice.

    Which game are you going to run on it? Get as much memory as possible to avoid lag.
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    Cloud hosting..?

    Cloud hosting is definitely a very good solution for a high traffic website, you can install cPanel too on it.
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    Looking for Dedicated Server

    I have never heard about hostingsource.com but considering your budget, you will get a very high spec server around $80-$90 with 16-32GB RAM and 1TB SATA or SSD Drives. iWFHosting and Tier.Net offer cheaper but quality servers, you should check them out.
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    Blesta CLient system

    If WHMCS got hacked, then there was something really wrong with the set up you did, weak password? shared details with anyone?
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    tech staff

    We look for experience and the ability to troubleshoot issues without loosing patience.
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    Is free hosting dying?

    Free hosting is still there but due to hosting plans getting so much cheaper, users are going for paid hosting instead.
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    WHMCS or HostBill?

    WHMCS is very intuitive and user-friendly, so my vote goes for WHMCS!
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    Linux vs windows hosting

    Linux is good for hosting html/ php website but if you want use components like ASP.NET and MsSQL, then you will have to go for Windows Hosting.
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    VPS Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting

    If you are looking for dedicated CPU resources at low price, then go for VPS and if it is a high traffic website, then dedicated server is a good choice.
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    $1 per month - why?

    It is a good marketing strategy, mostly by startups, so a nice research about the company and reviews is recommended before signing up with them.
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    Web hosting directories list

    Just do a Google Search, you will find many blogs with top web hosting directories list.
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    Difference Between Free host and paid?

    As compared to free hosting, paid hosting is more reliable and good for a growing website. It is also advertisement free and provides access to your backups.
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    Looking for VPS in New York

    Do you specifically need VPS to be in NY or any East Coast location would suffice like North Carolina?
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    Cloud service that you prefer to choose

    If you are looking for cheap and best cloud hosting, then digitalocean is a good option. However, you should look up for reviews and compare them before making your decision.
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    Which Free Hosting To Choose ? Suggestions-Help?

    Whenever you decide to go for a free web hosting provider, make sure that provide access to backups in control panel and there are no ads on your site.
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    Directadmin X cPanel

    cPanel is more user friendly and intuitive as compared to DirectX so my vote goes to cPanel.
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    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    If it is an important website for you or a business site, then I recommend paid hosting. Paid hosting is stable and more reliable as compared to free hosting.
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    Looking for Partner

    Hi.. so you need someone to help with marketing and system management?
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    Is free Hosting Safe! ?

    It depends on what you are hosting, if it is just an hobby site or a personal blog, then go for it!