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    Gee, how long did this last? 2 Days? :rolleyes:
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    Javascript aint working!!!

    why the fudge are you using xp?:devious2: :biggrin2:
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    where i could

    Also from the "Please Read First" thread in Free Services: ~~~Free FileStorage http://java.isavvix.com/freeback.jsp http://www.myplay.com/ http://www.sharemation.com/ http://www.staroffice.com/ http://www.storagevault.net/ http://www.tiomeg.com/ http://briefcase.yahoo.com/...
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    Anyone ever heard of sitespun.com?

    They say they will be offering Domain Hosting+PHP support soon.
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    Web 1000?

    Eww, there icky. On 404 Pages They forward Asian/Middle East to Porn Sites apprently. And Unlimited Bandwidth doesn't exist. They allow Hotlinking though.
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    Signups Back for Free Unlimited Space/Bandwidth!

    No, You have to upload via the browser; and they don't do domain hosting.
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    Anyone ever heard of sitespun.com?

    They stopped signups for two days.
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    review my website!

    :biggrin2: Love the site. Top marks :cool:
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    Discussion about me site?

    Yes, Have you got MSN Messenger?
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    Discussion about me site?

    Fine, I'll buy it. :P
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    Discussion about me site?

    Yeah! I'll run it :)
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    Linux Shells

    Polarhome lets you run eggdrops+ It gives you 20MB, FTP, PHP, MySQL, Telnet/SSH Access, POP3, Sucure Socket Layer, imap, smtp and no ads. The best free host in my opinion.
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    Linux Shells

    http://www.shells.at http://www.freeshell.org http://www.polarhome.com
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    what can we do with freeshell?

    There aren't many advantages until you send them $1. :rolleyes:
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    1world4u free hosting

    5MB Of WebSpace* PHP Support 1GB Bandwidth Limit FTP Support Free support via forums/aim/msn. 99.99% Uptime *You can have more when you have used this (up to 20MB) *URL is http://www.1world4u.com/~you/ * 2 Lucky (Random) Users get 1 MySQL Database+50MB Space Coming in 2 weeks :)
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    School shootings not isolated to the US!

    He trained at a local gun club, He lived in a flat with his parents, and the cops found 500 rounds of ammo there.
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    Anyone Heard Of These People?

    It is a scam to make money, It's by the same person who did webhost4u.sinfree.net. Don't SIGNUP! :angry2:
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    what can we do with freeshell?

    No, He means a Linux Shell Server, Like: http://www.freeshell.org
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    School shootings not isolated to the US!

    I don't know, I just keep my head down:cool:
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    School shootings not isolated to the US!

    In our school, A couple of the teachers are really harsh, but it seems like we are _always_ in the wrong, I am not saying I am an angel, but sometimes the teachers gooo way over the top, I'll tell you a story (:p) We was outside the Design and Technology rooms when a boy in our class kept on...