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    Sorry to see what happened. I wish you the best in future endeverse. I know it's hard getting...

    Sorry to see what happened. I wish you the best in future endeverse. I know it's hard getting things off the ground. I'd be willing to sell TWW.com if anyone wanted to try again.
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    domain with email account

    The sticky is out of date, I'm looking for a service that includes an email account with registration. I'm trying to get away from my ISP and I'm sick of changing email addresses. I'd like to pay off for at least 5 years in advance, so I need the service to stick around. Hotmail wont due, so...
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    cheapest country codes

    .ext.tj ~$8 .tk~$10 .ws~16(namecheap) .uk~$20 .tj~$20 .bz .nu.cc $29(namecheap) .cn ~$30 .st .ph $35
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    I just don't get it

    I wonder if he realizes that domain names don't just exist, they are created by the place they register them. When I went to register anetbiz.com, like at namecheap.com, it didn't even exist. When I paid my 8.88 fee, they created the domain for me in real time. This is not a rental fee, but...
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    mayeb a real free Domain

    Don't eat lunch at all and get a hundred of them! The new Domain Name Diet!
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    mayeb a real free Domain

    or maybe they're just kids and don't have $5
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    Free .com

    does this call for something sarcastic?
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    oh man! that must be worth at least 3 or 4 million. hold on to that name for life!
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    how much the domain cost

    $3 if you add 7 more years to it.
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    OpensSRS resellers

    has to be some good reason.
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    I need to register a domain!

    you can buy credit cards as gift cards at the simon malls in atlanta
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    Cheapest .tv domain registration?

    registerfly.com has .tv for 37.99 namecheap has it for 42.95 must be a lot of people who live in Tuvalu
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    More Namezero problems

    switch to namecheap.com and get all that and more for 8.88. Now i sound like a pich man.
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    where can i sell my domainname -www.mynike.com-

    I'm guessing MyNike.com refers to the strademart nike. Any domain that contains a trademark that belongs to someone else invites legal trouble. Hence the name is worthless unless you sell it to some poor sap who doesnt know. For the past 5 years I've been collecting names. Not one sold...
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    another back-order site

    Pool.com is yet another back-order service. this one filed a law suit against ICANN http://www.icannwatch.org/article.pl?sid=03/07/10/2050223&mode=thread
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    codedown.net music9.com for sale!!!!!!

    Do yourself a favor, make something good out of them. I don't know of many people who can sell domains unless it has an established and successfull site with it. Unless of course its a good name like business.com. It's amazing how many people think they can make it rich from domain reselling. I...
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    Anyone use mydomain.com ?

    mydomain.com just updated their software and all my domains with www. failed to resolve. I had to add a wildcard in to fix it.
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    snapping expired domains.

    Expirefish sucks, lost 3 so far. 2 of them went to buydomains.com (newontheweb.com is one of them). Has anyone failed to get a domain through snapnames?
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    Other Domains...

    .tk = $10 .ws = $16 .uk = $20 .tj = $20 ext.tj = $8 .st = $35 .ph = $35 .tv = $38 Tell me if you can find them cheaper.