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  1. Craig

    Dead or Alive?

    Hiding from you...... :p
  2. Craig

    Dead or Alive?

    Hey John, hope all is well :). Well I finished Uni with a 2/1, took some time traveling and currently runup a server consultation business. Nice to see JS is going strong.
  3. Craig

    Dead or Alive?

    Thanks Peo, hope you're good.
  4. Craig

    Dead or Alive?

    Where does the time go eh??
  5. Craig


    Thats a good point but to put the other side across, if you do select a 'smaller' provider then you must be sure that they can 'afford' to stay in business. In all respects, I would choose a smaller provider over these flash over-rated host 'banks' but making sure your research is done first.
  6. Craig

    Dead or Alive?

    Any of the old-timers still ticking?
  7. Craig

    Obama G20 Visit

    Ok lol, from the US to the UK: Plane - He lands with an entourage of 500 - including 200 secret service staff and a medical team carrying pints of his own blood type. From Stansted the president will be flown to the US ambassador's residence in Regent's Park, London. He arrives there in a...
  8. Craig

    RSS to HTML

    Hi Guys Is there any good software (free or paid) that will convert a RSS feed into HTML to put onto your website? Cheers
  9. Craig

    Best website evar

    Lol, I couldnt help but act like a 10 year old hahaha
  10. Craig

    really really really really awesome site

    Lol, reminds me of the mastercard adverts....
  11. Craig

    really really really really awesome site

    hahaha so funny, poor guy
  12. Craig

    I need some help.

    Is it me or does it look like these guys are just trying to sell u guys colo which would make this an ad (wrong forum) lol
  13. Craig

    Happy Birthday to BV

    Happyez Burfday lol
  14. Craig

    virtual terminals?

    Ello, ok, im a bit outdated on my payment processors, whats the best around with a virtual terminal apart from paypal? Cheers
  15. Craig

    Eaglehawk IT Opens

    Dan, hope it works out pal
  16. Craig


    Sup what? lol
  17. Craig

    /fws/ name my dog

    Emm 'smartie'
  18. Craig


    What does Colin go by the name of these days?
  19. Craig

    pbpbb3 integration

    PM me :talk:
  20. Craig

    Cheers Peo :-)

    Cheers Peo :-)