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  1. pro5ject


    Hello FWS, thought I'd pop in, not been here for ages... I wonder who of the old skool lot are still here? I am actually looking for some free hosting, quite soon if anyone can help??
  2. pro5ject

    So what have I missed?

    I used to frequent this place almost every day over a year or more ago. I can see lots of new names floating around, just wondering who of the 'old skool' are still active here, you'll know who I'm talking about if you remember me I guess.
  3. pro5ject

    Fifa World Cup - 2006

    surprising result!
  4. pro5ject

    Fifa World Cup - 2006

    I too don't like football, but for some reason I am betting on almost all the games, I'm backing Italy only cos they were favs to win. Hopefully I will have doubled my money in half an hours time.
  5. pro5ject

    Software tutorials, help needed

    I have been searching for some very simple dreaweaver tutorials / worksheets To teach some very 'new to computer' people how to update simple web pages. Anyone any ideas where I can find some free or low cost solutions? I've tryed googling but most seem to be for advanced users. I have...
  6. pro5ject

    Popular Members of The Forum

    I'm sure everyone wanted to put me in their top 3 :p
  7. pro5ject

    Most AWESOME um... forum software?!

    *dust of the fws keyboard* I've been busy to say the least - if anyone cares! 2 kids now, 6 & 2, and me almost 29. Been busy setting up various websites, and my own new company (yet to be launched), also studying BA (hons) Graphic Design - and yeh I could teach the course, I know alot more...
  8. pro5ject

    I need 1gb space, reseller package, 10-20 gb transfer.

    Can you send me an email please to chris@ip1zine.com I have decided to go with you.
  9. pro5ject

    I need 1gb space, reseller package, 10-20 gb transfer.

    I need 1gb space, reseller package, 10-20 gb transfer/mo. I need it asap, intially free for 2 months until a big job I am doing pays off, I need to go with someone who has been around for a long time, with a good track reocrd, and a company who is reliable - ideally based in the UK but not...
  10. pro5ject

    Emergency Free hosting !!

    The server we used is down from software issues , not my server, a collegues - and the problems are being fixed - but we are not moving back to it. You can think what you want the MP3's are totally above board and legal. Anyway got some hosting now, so Jan, Peo or Robert can close this...
  11. pro5ject

    Emergency Free hosting !!

    So no offers then ?? Gear-Host is your offer still open ?? If it is I would like to start using it asap. If you don't like hosting MP3's I could drop them for a while and find somewhere else to host them. As for the future I am straying towards (almost 100%) staying with a new host rather...
  12. pro5ject

    Emergency Free hosting !!

    We do intend to go back on our currently redundant server, but if the service provided intially free for 2 months by one of you guys is off a better standard than to what we are used to - we call it a day with the old server and continue with you, obviously paying our way after the 2 months is...
  13. pro5ject

    Emergency Free hosting !!

    It is a e-zine, focusing mainly on music & art - we also produce a printed magazine (the site is the printed mags sister). We offer free mp3 downloads, ALL legal music, local unsigned stuff mainly. We do have an ad space in our global footer which is 468x60 I could take out the rotated ads...
  14. pro5ject

    Emergency Free hosting !!

    I am in need of some free short term hosting, for no more than 2 months - ASAP. The server we host on currently is having some major problems - I think software issues - until this is sorted I cannot run my website, unless someone kindly donates some free hosting. What I need; TLD hosting...
  15. pro5ject

    Can Anyone here do this?

    Damn, and I almost finished it aswell, http://chris.ip1zine.com/unifog/ - nevermind.
  16. pro5ject

    Can Anyone here do this?

    Hey Webdude long time no here, I can do it for you. Infact I've started to do it already. Give me an email and we can talk about it more. chris@ip1zine.com Please reply even if you have found someone to do the above work, or no longer require this work doing. Thanks, Chris
  17. pro5ject

    Heights of being creative.....

    There are more amazing photoshoped images here - http://www.worth1000.com/galleries.asp?display=photoshop
  18. pro5ject

    Show me what ya got :-)

    Hey, I am interested in this - let me know if it's still open - and I will come up with some ideas.
  19. pro5ject

    Looking for something!!

    Cheers, looks interesting, I will dive head first into that lot, and search for the most appropriate ones.
  20. pro5ject


    test test test test test test