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  1. [NeO]

    media hosting

    You want that kind of service for free? Impossible if you tell me. :-)
  2. [NeO]

    How to create your own webhost

    Yes, that would be enough, if you're only hosting your own site & files. But your upload speed has to be pretty high if you xant the visitors to have a fast loading site.
  3. [NeO]

    Help me!

    You will not find such servers for free. 2 solutions : 1. you must have a lot of money to pay for a server 2. make your own server
  4. [NeO]

    Can someone help me find a web space provider?

    Its looks like 1 GB bandwith (what geocities gives you) isn't enough for your site (or the daily bandwith limit) so you should try these : - www.fateback.com (unmetered bandwith - 60MB space - no ads) - www.aboutme.com (unmetered bandwith - 20MB space) - www.web1000.com (unmetered bandwith...
  5. [NeO]

    question about netscapes free web hosting

    I don't know but maybe you should try something like this: FTP : ftp.netscape.com (or ftp.username.netscape.com) user : username pass : password
  6. [NeO]

    Looking for...

    I got my account very easely, but i wonder if they still accept new accounts. I dunno. :(
  7. [NeO]

    Looking for...

    You are asking for too much bandwith. You should try - netfirms.com : 25MB space, 1GB bandwith, CGI - flatface.net - 200MB space, unmetered bandwith, CGI, PHP,.. If you really don't need CGi then you should try : tripod.co.uk, fateback.com, gizba.com (no ftp)
  8. [NeO]

    Best webspace for PHPBB2.0.4

    Be patient, some one will answer. There are not many free webhosts with php and mysql that allow running of a message board. You should use ether paind hosting or use a remotely hosted forum (www.invisionfree.com, www.proboards.com, ...) Tripod.lycos.co.uk (same as multimania) is one of...
  9. [NeO]

    Unlimited free webspace, CGI and PHP support

    on the homepage it only sais : PHP and CGI so no mysql. Oh btw, I recommend 1 thing : your service is great but you should not have an automated signup. Too many people will signup without using their accounts or abusing the service by uploading warez or using too many resources of the...
  10. [NeO]

    Free hosting for high traffic websites...

    Wow, i didn't knew you could get that much money from advertisements.:p Thats more then i can get in 3 years. But i'm only 15 so :rolleyes:
  11. [NeO]

    [Resolved] Cd-r 750mb??

    Probably A LOT of compression!
  12. [NeO]

    Freehost listed here -Fairmout.nu seems excellent (?)

    I have an account with fairmount.nu and they are very good, so is support. But like KBC said, its very hard to get accepted and get an account, only people with a very good site get an account. I've must been lucky. :)
  13. [NeO]

    looking for free file-storage

    Besides its should take ages to upload so much and xoom.it should notice this and immediately terminated that account.
  14. [NeO]

    Need a host for real audio files

    Maybe tripod.co.uk does but tripod.lycos.nl doesn't.
  15. [NeO]

    The Person Above Me Thread

    The person above me is right.
  16. [NeO]

    Free servers from Byzhosting.com

    You proabably can host other sites but only hosting other sites will not be allowed. I guess...
  17. [NeO]

    The Person Above Me Thread

    The person above me has his name translated in french in his avatar (lame :) )
  18. [NeO]

    Need a host for real audio files

    www.tripod.co.uk 50MB space "unmetered" bandwith FTP access 50MB filesize limit Not that reliable but most free hosts aren't.
  19. [NeO]


    Well it looked adult but i just read some text on the homepage (i didn't read anything about adult hosting) and then left the site. :o
  20. [NeO]

    Free servers from Byzhosting.com

    Are you really giving away a few servers for some persons! :confused: Maybe i'm interested....