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    Providing the sub-sub reseller feature.

    I agree its way to messy.
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    Affordable Quality Web hosting @NerdyHost

    Hello, We created NerdyHost with the idea to put the customer first. Our Leadership team has over 24 years of combined hosting experience, working for Major Web hosts and listening to customers being frustrated with playing ticket-tag with staff. They were getting canned responses to tickets...
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    NerdyHost - Offering Great Deals on Shared Hosting!

    Hello, FreeWebspace Members! Are you interested in owning your own website? Whether you are just learning HTML or an established webmaster, we at NerdyHost give you the tools to succeed. Our paid hosting offers much more security and peace of mind then any Free Host can provide. Why choose...
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    Its that time of the year again

    Who were you before? I hate name changes
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    Reseller request..

    Hello, Nerdyhost has some great deals on Resellers. We all so include Free End user support as well as telephone support for you 24/7. Please check us out at http://www.nerdyhost.com
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    WTB: Shared/Reseller WebHosts

    Hello, Is the competition to high or are you tired of 2am wake up calls? With so many webhosts failing I'd like to offer you a chance to sell your webhost to me. Why should you sell it and not close it? We willl honor existing client payments (for instance if they paid for a year we...
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    Great Deals w/ end user support from Nerdy Host

    Hello FWS Members, Are you interested in owning your own web-host? Whether you are subsidizing your design business or declaring a local niche we at NerdyHost has some amazing deals to help you out! This week we are offering the following servers with a maximum markup of 20$ (from the...
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    A lot of free hosts going down?

    I respectufly disagree. I've started at 15 as a moderator and have been very active in the industry and some times it takes a failure to learn from. Now I've grown because of it.
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    Haha, got this in an email

    Very funny, However I don't think its appropriate to post it here as you don't want to stoop to there level.
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    newbie help. Does size really matter?

    I agree with deeplist. I would honestly go paid if your planning on having a forum as it requires more diskspace and often time can be database heavy.
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    New design

    I just thought I'd tell you I like the new design and I miss you guys.
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    Anyone knows how to make Firefox faster ?

    Don't upgrade they seem to make it start slower. Also less adons /toolbars
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    Whats up dude.

    Whats up dude.
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    Best domain name reseller

    I've had a good relation with Enom the secret is to get a cheap reseller account search and ask arround many DC's have a relation with them and will hook you up with a cheaper reseller plan (as far as pricing).
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    Request: Hosting for mybb forum

    I believe this should be posted in the hosting request form. There are plenty of great freehosts I recommend http://www.frihost.com/
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    Why is it so hard ?

    The thing is now and days you can get a good budget host for 2$ and not have the hassle. Thats why many elect to do so.
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    Hello FWS

    Welcome to FWS!
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    Hosting Requests

    i agree
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    Looking for work

    hello, My name is Andy I'm currently seeking a job as either a Sales or Account manager. I specialize in creative marketing as well as customer retention. I've worked for several companies in a variety of niches. I'm an expert when it comes to demographics and niche specialization and...
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    MyFreeHost - Free Hosting (NO ADS) - Post2Host (LOW POST AMOUNTS) - Automated Setup!

    Hello, My name is Andy I'm the manager of My-Freehost.Net My-FreeHost.Net is a wonderful post to host Community that has and will continue to provide quality hosting with zero cost to you. We offer both reseller hosting as well as shared. Were not here to make a million bucks but by posting in...