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    Growing your own vegetable has sense if only you have your own land and don't live in a flat in the centre of a city. Otherwise, you will spend more money on the petrol to get to your cottage to look after it.
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    Helping out in Japan

    I helped them through the Red Cross. They organized the money donating, and I did it.
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    Bye Bye T-Mobile

    If to choose from these three, I choose Verizon. Yes, the price is high, but I do like its quality. However, some of my friends have AT&T and they don't complain either. T-Mobile has lost its position greatly.
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    Water Demands

    I think that the question was about potable water, but not all water in the world. And about flooding your are right. But later the climate will change greatly and noone knows where there will be droughts.
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    Who loves windows 7?

    I have heard that the following version will be called Windows Next. Or something like that.
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    Best software?

    Photoshop, without any question!
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    What is your mode of transportation?

    Do you need photos of buses and subway? ))
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    For Your Entertainment

    Come on, guys! Stop picking on Russians! :classic2: They are cool guys with some original logic. I know some of them and pizza is not alive there ))
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    Latest Gadgets this 2011

    Any way, Android will make the competition more critical for ipad.
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    Web developer stigma

    That's right. Why great corporations have their branch offices in the countries like India, Russia, Belarus? That's why. Money and profit.
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    Google Chrome Operating System!

    have not ried it yet, but read a lot of reviews. There are lots of cons, but it's the 1st version. Do you remember how many of them were there in the 1st versions of Windows.
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    Internet Speed

    I'm jelous about your speed!!! I have 1.10mb/s :confused4
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    V and vodka.

    Every morning after a good night I give a promise not to drink any more, yeahh, sure... :lol: Another night comes and all begin again...
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    Highly disappointed

    There is no ideal tablet today. Yes, this HP release sucks but iPad also isn't perfect.
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    Think about buying Torch. I have heard there are less problems with this line of BB.
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    Latest Gadgets this 2011

    I'm waiting for new Android run tablets. Like Motorola one. Of fourse sale rating of iPhone 5 is interesting too.
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    Forget Apple, Blackberry does it again!

    Neither iPad nor Playbook nor any of existing tablets can substitute a pc or a leptop or a netbook even. They are expensive toys with the immitation of functionality. Searching the Net, games, navigation.. yes, that's convenient, but all the functions (or almost all of them) are available from...
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    iPhone applications?

    If I understand you right, James, you were asking about the os and whether the systems installed on the iphones, ipods and ipads are compatiable. the answer is yes. I think that it's obvious that ipod won't run an app that requires calling. :classic2: So, you can try to develop an app for ipad...
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    What Windows Versions have you used?

    I started my work with Windows XP SP 2. Currently I have SP 3 installed on my pc and Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop. Whicj one is the better? Windows Seven!:classic2: