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    Looking for something very complex

    Hi, Not sure if you found anything, but did you try TeamCalPro: http://www.lewe.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=107&Itemid=42 It's a free script. - Vince
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    automatically updating?

    What kind of 'event' is it? If it's a new content page, what about using RSS and/or a page that displays a ummary of all new content - similar to how blogs work? - Vince
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    How to disable sendmail for some and not others

    Appreciate your advice and experience. Are you saying the $1 lifetime membership is a bad idea? :confused4 I also forgot to mention that I am only offering free hosting to a niche market for people with their own domain name and a particulat TLD That should also cut out a lot of spammers...
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    How to disable sendmail for some and not others

    Sound advice indeed, but financially cannot justify another server yet. I am contemplating charging $1 for 'lifetime membership' instead of completely free, just to reduce the amount of potential spammers. What do you think? - Vince
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    How to disable sendmail for some and not others

    Hi, I want to setup a free hosting service with paid upgrades. The major difference between them will be that free plans will not have email for their domain and cannot use sendmail. I want to avoid setting-up a seperate server just for the free plans until things improve financially...
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    How we provide our Free cPanel Web Hosting

    Hi, Thanks for posting your guidline info Interesting to see that you have disabled sendmail for free accounts - does this have to be server-wide setting?? Best wishes, - Vince
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    [PHP]Read POP3 Email Account

    Would something like this be good enough to compare with this: www.mail2web.com Thanks, - Vince
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    Is this possible?

    Maybe you thought about using an OpenID plugin for registering users? http://openid.net/ - Vince
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    Script for selling Designs?

    Only other option I can think of is using standard HTML pages with Paypal button created by a great digital download ordering system called SmartDD.com There is a lite version you can get for free. Very secure - generates unique URL's for download which can be set to expire as you wish. -...
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    cP Creator - **FREE** Free Host Manager

    I suppose we could hardcode the TLD field with the appropriate extension already filled? - Vince
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    cP Creator - **FREE** Free Host Manager

    Hi Jonny, This looks really good. I am wondering if I can use it to offer free hosting for a niche: - restricted to customers with their own domain name - and of a particular TLD (eg. only allow .info domains) Appreciate all the effort you have put into this. Definately become very...
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    Script for selling Designs?

    Hi Dan, This may be a silly question, but why not use Joomla + VirtueMart plugin? - Vince
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    Helpful Tips On Finding a Domain Name

    Just want to add a couple more tools for researching available domain names. http://www.makewords.com/default.aspx http://www.bustaname.com/ Hope it helps. - Vince
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    Is this possible?

    Does it support (or have a plugin) for OpenID? If so, then registration part is easily solved. - Vince
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    Free Social Networking Script, anyone?

    Not sure if you are aware, there is a WordPress MU plugin called Buddypress: http://buddypress.org/ Here is a nice new theme for it: http://apeatling.wordpress.com/2008/06/12/new-buddypress-theme/ Hope it helps. - Vince
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    Video Sharing Script

    Have you seen phpdirector? http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpdirector/ You dont have to upload the video it is a linking script for youtube, googlevideo and dailymotion videos - Vince
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    For decker ( and anyone else with massive resource usages soley because of one user )

    This is all good stuff, and really glad I joined this forum. Just a couple of things: - would it be feasable to make this into an WHM addon, and then we could change values from the WHM backend? - Is it at all feasable to check and only redirect based on server load by account, so only...