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    Review this baby, metaskim

    I think the site looks pretty great, although I would say there's a lot of information on there for just one page... Perhaps add some javascript so it only shows selected categories, or just add different pages.
  4. J

    Web developer stigma

    It's just all too competitive now days, like said before, there are a lot more cheaper alternatives, it's not all the lucrative to go into web development/design as freelance now days imo
  5. J

    Google Chrome Operating System!

    ChromeOS is meant to be for more portable devices such as netbooks and maybe notebooks from what I gather. I don't think Windows 7 is all that great on netbooks, so might be a good alternative, but for notebooks and desktops, it would be hard to beat Windows 7, or Mac OS X for that matter :)
  6. J

    Best software?

    Dreamweaver and Photoshop are probably the best, although I'm sure there are cheaper/free alternatives :p
  7. J

    WHMCS or HostBill?

    For me, WHMCS is unbeatable (so far) I've used both Hostbill and WHMCS, but hostbill just doesn't cut it. WHMCS is simple, affordable and effective.
  8. J

    which course will be better for me in computer education?

    If you're not entirely sure what you want to do, you could always try to find a more generic course that has elements of a number of things, then build experience in your chosen area after.
  9. J

    What Windows Versions have you used?

    I have used Windows: 3.1 95 98 2000 XP Vista 7 As wells as Windows: Server 2003 Server 2008
  10. J

    Which Forum software do you prefer?

    vBulletin all the way, it just feels like a nicer place to be and looks a lot more professional than any other forum software.
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    Latest Gadgets this 2011

    The one's I'm looking forward to seeing are the -iPad 2 -iPhone 5 And ofcourse, the recently launched MacBook Pro's with quad cores look pretty sweet :)
  12. J

    Internet Speed

    speedtest.net/result/1173281133.png Can't post URLs but my Download is 11.05Mb/s Upload is 7.65Mb/s