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    web form generator

    hey guys im looking for a web form 2 email generator.. i want a web form with a few fields and submit btn to send to my inbox... ive got a smtp server to send with...??!! any help much appreciated :classic2:
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    Free FTP Program?

    just type this in your windows address bar ftp://yourftpserver.com and when promted enter your user/pass ... :-)
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    screenaver maker.....

    thanx im downloadin... i know i also found tons of screen saver makers but they where all trails... 30 days is way enough.. but im thinking theres gona be some DEMO text on the screen saver somewhere... oldman2 "this screensaver was made by screen saver gold pro..etc"
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    screenaver maker.....

    whats up.... im looking for a program that can make screen savers?? its has to be freeware.... all i need is a few imags fading into each other.. any luck ???
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    msn email gave 10mb

    how do you link to your inbox? lol the MSN premium service is 2GB of inbox space (i think)... its a big move... gmail has forced a big step in webmail services... but there was been other websites offering tons of free webamil inbox for ages... spymac.com? its juts cuz the giant google...
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    Add Your Link - Free

    cant find server
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    search engine technology

    im looking for a way to create a search engine .. i want my visitors to search the web through my iste... with my sites colours/logos..etc can u get a service (payed..) to do this... like the "powered by Yahoo/Google.." or merely link from your site to the search results on google i...
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    who is the worst webhost you have ever used

    def geocities.... back in the day when i started i used that browser upload.. OMG.. thanx to FTP...
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    web based email

    yes indeed pop3 is much better but not everyone has a laptop or remote desktop services... OR the need for a isp (pop3) account.. so webmail is free n easy.. i meant to offer to my cleints free webmail... but not with a hosting package.. stand alone free webmail... im taking a liking...
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    Ha Ha the end of Creed

    punk was gone then those blink fools spawned a whole new market..... sum441 and all those fags appeared... Drum n Bass for life!
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    any1 try this?

    thats prety sweet... do they place banners revelant to the sites content..?
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    GMail, how can i get one?

    if you want webspace and webmail.... ala lotsa space use www.spymac.com
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    web based email

    watsup.... i didnt want to post this in the free services forum cuz i dont mind paying for the script/software.. i want something like this http://www.hivemail.com just a little less expensive... any luck? :classic2:
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    best reseller solution provider

    thanx for the link m8.. i was in the dark on how you would manage your clients thanx:-) how do resellers manage their billing? do you have tyo register anything with the bank... for the money transfer..etc?
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    Im looking for a new webhost!

    thanx bgfweb, my current host is shaping up bit im still pondering to move your reseller solutions are fit
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    anti-spam tool

    thanx so much dude insane link.... !!!! much respek! :applaudin :coolmusic
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    best reseller solution provider

    hey guys i would like to start a reseller web project soon.. but need to know a few things: - what features more than cpanel and fantistico do webhosts offer (resellers) - is their a company that is a quality webhost to buy a reseller solution from... a dominant force? how do...
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    anti-spam tool

    hey guys im looking for a anti spam tool i can instal into my outlook xpress.. is there any free plugin? im getting seriously spammed :crying5: iv i started using the open sourse version of outlook (i think its evolution??) would there be a program to install which would fight spam...
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    Got what I need?

    haha read the sticky
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    Im looking for a new webhost!

    Hello ppl my website, zoopedup.com is nvr online with the hosts im with now... im looking to change... this is what I need 1GB space 50GB bandwith cpanel with plugins... like fantastico 24/7 support (i live in South Africa) unlimited mysql DB's unlimited email forwarding... DNS...