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    SitesTen Fast and Reliable Web Hosting Services

    SitesTen provides fast and reliable web hosting services suitable for both personal and business use. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee Fast, Permanently Monitored Servers No Overloaded or Oversold Servers Special Attention and Personalized Support to all the customer...
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    Good CMS to wrap around vBulletin?

    I believe I integrated Joomla with vBulletin some time ago using a plugin named JFusion. It was for a game related web site, although the project actually was dropped in the middle of his development as my client quit. Nevertheless the web site is still active - you can check it onlineaion.com...
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    Create a website in HTML...

    For sure it is possible. Actually the HTML is what is driving the web site. Nevertheless you use PHP or Perl or CMS like Drupal, WordPress, etc. the final result is a pure HTML file. The main difference is that using a scripting language, it helps to generate the final HTML based on the user...
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    Html and html 5

    HTML5 contains many new features compared with HTML4, although it's not fully supported by any web browser. A good way to support HTML5 on your web site, without worrying that your code will be incompatible on some browsers is to use a special JavaScript library named Modernizr.
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    Modal Windows - Javascript/Jquery

    If you want to transfer data on the background without the page to be refreshed, you need to use AJAX calls. Data can be serialized as JSON object. You have to search the Internet about more information on those two topics as it cannot be explained that easily in a single post.
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    Which Windows versions you like?

    Windows XP is quite old, unstable and unsupported. It's a good choice only using an old computer as Windows 7 can be too heavy for it. Even Vista is quite similar to Windows 7, it was using quite a lot of resources so I found it too bad compared with Windows 7. Windows 8 is still in beta so I...
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    Wampserver or Xampp

    Personally I prefer setting the whole environment myself. I dislike such a kind of automatized installers.
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    Search Engines or people?

    I agree that the visitors should be first at your mind. Search engines are actually trying to show the user friendly web sites, although the SEO scam trick breaks that idea.
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    BidVertiser vs. Google AdSense

    Personally I quit adsense as it's getting too much false clicks, especially if your budget is not quite high. I never tried the other service you mentioned.
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    high alexa reputation - what are the benefits?

    I don't believe there are actual benefits. Alexa is a good service to check out how your site is visible for the search engines, but this is just for informational purpose. You don't have direct benefit from alexa's score.
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    Which service provides best free web hosting?

    It's like to compare apples with plums. Which one is better, I may like them both as they are different, I may like apples but you plums. So there is no such thing as a best free hosting. Look around, try their services and you'll see by yourself which one meets your expectations.