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    zonim.com - Your opinions?

    I don't know how can you get these domain but for me it's like sonim the rough phone.
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    Review International Scholarships

    Hi, I create International Scholarships website www.intscholarships.com. It more then 1 years old and now has new design. What do you think about my site. I appreciate for any review or comment. Thanks
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    What attracts people to look at blogs or websites?

    Good and unique content and also user friendly navigation. People hate web that has difficult navigation to found something on the web
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    How to Improve My Website Traffic

    Nice list AMC, getting visitor is not hard work if you can enjoy it but it need time to get visitor
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    All feedback will be highly welcome

    Simple design but for me it's color full. I think the background color should be consist 1 or 2 color.
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    How do you make money with Adsense?

    First thing is traffic. How can you get click if there is no traffic for your site. Then you must also concern on put your adsense code not look like advertising and try offer good content to people
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    Which Free Web Hosting Do You Recommend?

    Nobody answer his question :) I think www.----------.com is one free hosting without ads
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    Free hosting for Non English Site

    Thanks for your offers guys. Now I've my site into new hosting that Snat give to me.
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    Free hosting for Non English Site

    Hi, I want to build community site for Christian people in my country (Indonesia). Now I've built my site like digg (using pligg). Next project if I get much member I will create forum too. I use free webhosting and unfortunately the web host sometime down (sometimes more then once in a day)...
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    This thread is still alive :)
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    long live this thread :D
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    Free webhosting with cpanel and 100%uptime proof!!

    Great... Although there isn't instant creation but with only 2 post in their forum is great. Thanks
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    help ????

    Free hosting with free domain.... :D great man.... :D
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    Against Google Adsense Policy?

    I read on https://www.google.com/adsense/faq#basics9 9. Can I display ads on search results pages? Google AdSense now will allow AdWords ads to be placed on search results pages through our Online AdSense Program. yess :applaudin
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    " " on search

    I use Links Caffe script and install into my web... Just look at this
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    Best free email?

    Is everyone.net give email withput ads now ? Gawab give us free pop
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    Against Google Adsense Policy?

    Is it Ok to put google adsense into search page. Cos I ever see site that put google adsense into search result page
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    Where do you Search for your "FREE HOST" ?

    Yup I usually search for free web hosting here... here... and here :D
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    " " on search

    Tq but when I search using "word" there is no result for "word" If I search using word it work..... I want people can search using " " like in yahoo, etc So can you help me?
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    How 2 get bidclix ads

    Why you don't try to ask bidclix I haven't try bidclix but I'm satisfied with google :D