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    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    erm... not exactly. The most significant advantage of paid hosting, is that the host will pay more attention to maintain the server instead of the free hosting server.
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    I am just asking him, what he mean by "free web hosting is not secured"
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    Best Way to Monetorize and Run your Free hosting!

    not if the other features which provided by the free host with ads are a lot compare to the rest.
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    The recent WHM/cPanel update - WHM 11.34.0 (build 9)

    I see not much difference for the CPU and memory usage compared to older version and this latest ones.
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    $1 .ASIA and $4 .NET $5 .COM domain names!

    Thanks for sharing, this really helped me a lot on saving money on new domains :)
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    looking for a vps

    With what you have requested, you will need to at least triple up your current budget to get one.
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    Webhosting request: Shared hosting Space: 10mb Where: Anywhere

    it looks like it was too late for me to offer anything now...
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    State your reason why. I do believe that there are a lot of free host are secure enough.
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    Free Vps Needed

    please understand that it is quite hard for you to get a VPS for free, and if you get it, it will usually only last for very short term only. consider getting those cheap VPS instead of asking for a free ones...
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    I Am Back!

    Just wanted to say, "I Am Back!" Its been some time I did not reply anything in this forum. But soon, I will be active again at here... :)
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    1gb ram VPS wanted

    Seems like I am late to offer anything, since you have decided to go with a dedicated server. :)
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    Need WHM/CPANEL reseller hosting

    Shared Hosting 4 30GB Disk Space 300GB Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Addon Domains Unlimited Parked Domains Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited Email Addresses Unlimited MySQL Databases cPanel 11 Softaculous $15.00 USD Monthly http://cs-squad.net/whmcs-2/?ccce=cart&a=add&pid=5
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    Web Hosting

    I would like to know that as well. If the download/upload contents doesn't violate our TOS, I will going to post my offer.
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    looking for a free webhost

    Dude! Be reasonable! What you are asking for, will not going to be able to get for free! Even if it is on paid hosting, it cost you a lot!
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    Free Shoutcast Hosting

    There are several free shoutcast host that provide what you need. The only thing is, listeners have to load their ads, before the stream can be started. If this is ok for you, try to go to http://www.listen2myradio.com/ and take a look at it.
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    small free hosting to run light php/python cronjobs

    By the way @Darko, since you only need cron running for 4-5 times/hour, why you didn't try out with those webcron services?
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    Free SA-MP host

    I believe the best option for the OP, is a paid VPS, not something free. Or else, we are going to see the OP come back here and making noise complaining all kinds of things, while he did not even pay for the VPS. :P
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    Small account with Remote MYSQL

    @euhosting, As db4free.net said in the website, it is not recommended for production use. So it is kinda dangerous to use it if the OP is not just using the database for only testing purpose.
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    Free Hosting Request: Mixed Site (Personal/Business/Blog) (Not Again).

    I agree with you. Although there are some free host who are quite reliable, but still, free hosting are still free hosting. Priority will only be given to paid customers in case of anything happens.