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  1. netnexus

    Paying people to post on your forums - is it worth it?

    I think he was talking about paying people to post on your forums.
  2. netnexus

    Website Promotion Mistakes

    I read it in an article directory, but yea it is a good article.
  3. netnexus

    Content Management Systems

    I see...
  4. netnexus

    Content Management Systems

    Does anybody know of one (can be free or paid) that can handle articles with multiple pages automatically generating a contents page or browser (can be in the form of a dropdown bar) for that particular article? I am looking into Joomla but I'm not sure if it can do this. I don't want PHP...
  5. netnexus

    Whats the savest way to earn money

    That happened to me as well and I was out of the country at the time with no access to a computer in Vietnam! Google is the internat mafia.
  6. netnexus


    They do normally have great support, but Tom hasnn't bee around for a while. Maybe he has some personal issues.
  7. netnexus

    Whats the savest way to earn money

    Tom, my specific account manager was pretty lightning fast. I often got replies within 6 hours and considering I live in Hong Kong with completely different time zones, that is impressive.
  8. netnexus

    Selling domains..

    So, all these people selling domains, they expect teh buyer to pay for the transfer?
  9. netnexus

    The Random Writings of a Random Guy

    Well, not quite random in this case, as it is obvious that I own this website, but I was wondering what everybody thought of it. Do.Your.Worst pirate2 More specifically, I was requesting a review on not just the layout (which is a fairly generic wordpress theme) but the content as well...
  10. netnexus

    Amount Earned

    Did you write those articles?
  11. netnexus

    For Gamers

    I'm not interested in this offer, but I was just wondering if there is any profit involved, or if all the money really does go back into the community.
  12. netnexus

    Please revew my website.

    getting errors
  13. netnexus

    PR6 & PR5 Text links available

    Give us an idea of your traffic, not just PR. Frankly, I don't care about PR - it's like the difference between bonaqua water, and that fancy shit you buy in glass bottles.
  14. netnexus

    This is all bull isn't it

    haha, can you say pwned?
  15. netnexus

    Anybody here ever gotten their site hacked?

    Haha, well I was under the impression that any scripts I was running had been thouroughly tested.
  16. netnexus

    Paying people to post on your forums - is it worth it?

    Yeah but creating fake accounts would be way too time consuming.. logging in and out for each.
  17. netnexus

    Paying people to post on your forums - is it worth it?

    Well, you can find them on "Sell Your Services" type forums, but even so, getting a quality poster is hard. The hope is, though, that if you pay someone to post, and he or she gets to 500 posts, they'll stick around after having grown attached to the community. But that is just a wanted side...
  18. netnexus

    Selling domains..

    How on earth do you transfer the name from one registrar to another. Say I am using namecheap, and someone is using godaddy, wouldn't trasnferring cost money on its own?
  19. netnexus


    Good luck on being accepted ;)
  20. netnexus

    Paying people to post on your forums - is it worth it?

    That is the sad truth. nobody pays attention to advertisements. The only kind of advertising I can think of as being worthwhile is advertising on google through adwords, but that means fronting up $. As I said earlier, I have trouble making ends meet as it is, without spending money on...