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  1. spoonybard

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

  2. spoonybard

    Ack! Form help!! (PHP w/Linux)

    I don't want advertisements after they've submitted it, phuckedup, but thanks anyway. GregT: I simply want the data to be sent to an email address :)
  3. spoonybard

    Ack! Form help!! (PHP w/Linux)

    If somebody does this for me I will send $3.25 USD to your Paypal account :P Okay then. I need a script to go with these forms. Please test them out to make sure they send all the data. I've been trying every single script I could find and nothing seems to be working! This is my last...
  4. spoonybard

    Help Help Dont Know Where To Start

    uploaded.php :: whatever.html ::
  5. spoonybard

    Simple threaded message board (PHP)

    Would anybody know where I'd be able to find a VERY simple php threaded message board, that works with WinNT? I have the lastest version of PHP and mySQL, but I would rather mySQL be not required. I would like it very similar to this: http://disc.server.com/Indices/219914.html But easily...
  6. spoonybard

    I strike again. 50mb free, mysql, etc.

    Don't worry about that, your info still got to me if you get the 404 error. Problem is I'm using one of my forms hosted elsewhere on my other server.
  7. spoonybard

    flatface is down, need new host!

    If you would go to Flatface's IRC channel, they say they are aware it's down, and don't know the cause. It's been about a month, though.
  8. spoonybard

    I disk from Mac

    The answer is pretty obvious.... "To sign up for a .Mac Trial account, you must be on a Macintosh computer. If you would like to purchase a .Mac membership, click the Join Now button."
  9. spoonybard

    I strike again. 50mb free, mysql, etc.

    Yes, I am back with hosting. After stabilizing the current semi-dedicated server I use, I'm willing to try this again. I've been taking the wrong approach to hosting, giving it away like free beer on Sundays. The process for signing up is still pretty straight-forward, you must include a...
  10. spoonybard

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

  11. spoonybard

    ¨y¨z¨{¨|¨}¨~ Web Hosting ¨~¨}¨|¨{¨z¨y

    Those prices are...excuse me for saying so...awful.
  12. spoonybard

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Still doing strong despite my depature for two months :P.
  13. spoonybard

    ZQ: To your great embarrassment, you realize you have made two dates...

    You only see that on TV shows. :p I choose the last option.
  14. spoonybard

    please help me

    That is ALOT to ask, for no price. Maybe try to find a php host, and then sign up for a free mySQL account at ww.unlimited-sql.com - you would probably find alot more options.
  15. spoonybard

    free web host that can host galleries?

    What type of galleries?
  16. spoonybard

    Are many of the Free Webspaces banned China's IP?

    Stop posting that link. It's very annoying. At least try to be somewhat helpful, if that's possible.:mad:
  17. spoonybard

    New free XXX Host & Unlimited (SCAM) BWT and Space

    Yes, slow speed most be horrible for you - all this for $0! Damn him. Not to mention he's offering unlimited bandwidth and webspace - what a ripoff.
  18. spoonybard

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    This thread should be more pouplar. If you want to make history, you're going to have to break: 21410 replies Since Jan 09 2003 http://www.mallmonkeys.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1547 Right :cool:
  19. spoonybard

    does lycos.co.uk place ads on .php pages?

    I don't think the ads are THAT bad....
  20. spoonybard

    I need free .net domain

    I'm pretty sure he's asking for somebody to buy him a domain name, and in return he will display ads on his page.