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  1. cahaya-mata

    Need Windows VPS??

    Sorry... I running for Link, backlink (wordpress based blog) for seo purpose, not email.. Spam Email is old.. For what fresh email list? Nothing. Spam email = $ 0 High Quality backlink from high PR page = $$$ You Got PR4 above, and you got $$$ ( selling Bloggrol and BlogPost = Go to DP...
  2. cahaya-mata

    Need Windows VPS??

    My New windows Just got terminated.. First Time, sales say ; "Yes, scrapebox and Senuke Allowed" After runnning 5 day, I got "Terminated" :-? Looking other options..
  3. cahaya-mata

    Need Windows VPS??

    I run exe software.. My CentOS managed VPS with VPSLa**h.net, and they have a good support :) Now, need windows vps Thanks PM SENT! No, I see all windows.. Windows XP welcome.. Just Trial Install windows XP and I have own licence Thanks.. Ordered yesterday and than canceled by MaxMind.. I...
  4. cahaya-mata

    Need Windows VPS??

    Sorry for my english. English is not my mother language. Since October 12th, 2010, I host my windows VPS with FWS members till now.. And Bad news, this company will b*****t.. And all service will ended.. Sure they have a good service, good bye F***L**.com ( I don't know why they Not Sell...
  5. cahaya-mata

    What host(s) offer the best affiliate programs?

    Here Trick to got "host(s) offer the best affiliate programs" 1. Don't ( never ) register - direct link to Host 2. Use CJ and than register all host on three Hostgator offer UP to 125 USD/signup with CJ, but for direct link - 100 USD only/signup
  6. cahaya-mata

    How To Sell Blog

    :) Fresh news.. This blog ( blogspot ) now got USD 185 monthly Got income from other wordpress.. And from online income i can smile in my life.. From Zero ==>> Free web hosting User.. ( use waterseven network and other free hosting service from here - FWS ) with Bad English language and...
  7. cahaya-mata

    ● Full Virtualization (Not shared OS) Windows VPS $9.99/mo ▪ Linux $5.99/mo●

    Done.. I use VPS winXP FileLAN service Now.. Thanks
  8. cahaya-mata

    What Windows Versions have you used?

    Windows XP Original :) the best One But Windows 7 Pro Edition <<=== Pirated Version more better :)
  9. cahaya-mata

    ● Full Virtualization (Not shared OS) Windows VPS $9.99/mo ▪ Linux $5.99/mo●

    How To get This One discount : # FileLAN will offer a 15% account lifetime discount to switch hosting from any other VPS providers current package to FileLAN I want escape from old hosting provider.. = Which Win XP version? SP2 or SP3?
  10. cahaya-mata

    ● Full Virtualization (Not shared OS) Windows VPS $9.99/mo ▪ Linux $5.99/mo●

    for : Windows XP Professional Need information : CPU speed or processor spec? thanks
  11. cahaya-mata

    Free 17GB cPanel 11 Hosting with Installatron, LiteSpeed, ROR, No ADS, No LinkBack

    sitefrost.. Cool and good with high speed Server :) Nice MyBB forum
  12. cahaya-mata

    Win-Win Solution

    Just posted here.. No reply... So, close my offers.. I think i can do it my self :) Thanks alot Regards CM
  13. cahaya-mata

    Best Paid Hosting

    as long as i know.. hostgator
  14. cahaya-mata

    PhotonVPS – Enterprise VPS Starting @ $5.48 (OpenVZ,Xen,Windows!) 50% & 10% Coupons!

    PhotonVPS.. I have plan to build WebProxy network, using Glype as web software.. I'm is adsense publisher but not network and VPS coder.., so i nknow nothing about vps I don't need cpanel, i just need my Proxy site run with 4 - 10 addons domain in one VPS.. Do you have solution for me?
  15. cahaya-mata

    Hostgator Opinions

    Now I got hostgator biz acc for free with 2ip coupon and overall ( my review ) they are very good host Fast and support very great
  16. cahaya-mata

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    "The Indonesian seafarers Blog" 1547 page
  17. cahaya-mata

    Post Your PC (or Mac) Specifications!

    1st Laptop (HP Pavilion dvd4) Motherboard: Unknown Processor: Core 2 Duo Memory: 2 GB K Optical: DVD Writer (will have to check the model, not sure right now since I'm a work OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (original) and than downgrade to XP Pro 2nd Laptop (Acer) Motherboard: Unknown...
  18. cahaya-mata

    Need Free WordPress Blog Host

    if you are not running autoblog.. I'll add you in myCpanel hosting :D - Free