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    VPS server in Europe and in the USA?

    2 Different providers are needed. Low cost. In Europe I have seen libertyvps.net in US hostwinds.com. But I want more. Please suggest. Usage for WP blogs.
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    What would be the best Cloud Hosting ?

    I have no issues with swisslayer.com cloud solutions. So you can include them into your list of consideration as well.
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    Any Good VPS with Discounts?

    I believe if you check https://vpsget.com/vps-hosting.php you will be able to find good VPS and that will fit your needs.
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    awesome firefox extension

    Looks like advertising of something on TV;)
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    Best Registrar

    I prefer EuroDNS.com for registering domains. They are respectful and stable registrar. Also I like their discount system - every month at least one discount is active!
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    Do I require a VPS?

    I really think you would manage to do everything on semi-dedicated hosting. By getting a VPS it is very likely to pay for unused resourses. The more so because upgrade is always possible:) If you would consider semi-dedi as a possible solution - I can recommend downtownhost.com as a quality...
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    Do you REALLY need 1000GB disk space/200TB bandwidth?

    ^This is psychology, and marketing strategy is as better as much it plays with our souls. e.g. Average person will be interested in buying somethin he really do not need only because it will look like 'much for little money'. for example Three copies of one DVD for 12 dollars, while one costs...
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    REALLY GOOD shared hosting.

    I think saying "nice bandwidth and space" means huge amount of these specs for lower price... But this doesn't mean you do not need to know your requirements to have really good help!
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    Anyone using Deisehost.com and having problems?

    @OP: Unfortunaltely I have forgotten where exactly I have seen it (weeks ago), but one person on the forum have described similar problem with that company. I guess this company is not very stable, and thus not worth of dealing with... Do not hunt low prices, you may get low service... I have...
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    Good Shared Hosting [pay]

    That is why computerized help is worse than human. Doing good seo will make inexistant company very popular... You'd better ask for advice instead googling, because here is the chance of getting experience-based recommendation instead of links generated after the analisys of numerical value...
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    Cheapest VPS

    Cheap is not always mean any quality, unfortunately. You should pay attention to the company's reputation before using its services. Nice VPS deals of reasonable prices are presented at gazzin.com. They provide good services for matchable pricing. Not expensive, in comparison with other...
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    Redhotservers.com Review?

    How interesting! I think that is very useful info.. Thanks...
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    hostgator.com reliability?

    Maybe I am wrong, but I am suspicious about large companies. I think it is better to haost with something average and not as popular, like mmhosting.com or some other company - the limited amount of clients guarantees the better support and service for everyone... Maybe I do not have some...
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    That is true, but they could gather some info about the company, before signing up... It is possible to get info of Any company that leads business honestly, but if the company scams just from the beginning the info would either be bad, or it would not be any info at all. I suppose...
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    Web Hosting Questions

    Defilnitely, you need a VPS or even a dedicated server.... as it has already been suggested. As for the company recommendation, I suppose Globaltap.com would be suiteble for you... they have full fledged packages of not too big size, and reasonably priced.. Also, ServerPoint.com provides these...
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    Cheapest VPS

    How many proxy sites are you going to have? How traffic-intensive do you plan them to be? One of the cheapest deals I know is that from serverpoint.com, around $15.00, though I don't know if proxies are allowed.
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    Adult file host

    Adult sites are very traffic-intensive, I doubt any free host will go for providing this huge amount of traffic for free, or probably you'll have lots of ads everywhere, but aren't you going to place your own? So I think paid shared can be a better deal, Ayksolutions.com allows legal adult...
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    Dont F--- With The Rickroll

    I don't think that Internet is funnier than TV as both have been created by people who bring their imperfection along with their genius to everything they do.... Why should someone sit and fritter away their time and energy sending spam??? I could think of ten thousands healthier and more...
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    Hows it going?

    Hi Tracker! Nice chance to greet here someone with more posts than me...