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    1GB+ Emails?

    I signed up for hotmail through msn explorer and I got 2 gb. Go figure.
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    Happy birthday EpedemiK

    Happy birthday Epidemik!
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    I am nearly crying !!

    Do you think it's a message from God? Heh, j/k. Must've been quite an experience for ya, pro5ject, I'd be just as shocked (no pun intented). We're here for emotional support if you need it. :wink2:
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    Programmers Heaven C Board Visual Basic Explorer
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    Free Webspace needed??? (By ME?!?)

    That is alot to ask in a free host, so I don't think I can help you much. All I've got are these 2 sites: 100WebSpace and Central Host, but I haven't personally signed up with them before so I don't know how reliable they are. Good luck finding a free host with your requirements.
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    Is Your Child (or Yourself) a Goth?

    He sure fooled me. :-)
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    Gmail - what do current users think of the service?

    Gmail's fast, and I love the features. I use it for personal emails with buddies I know. The space doesn't really matter to me, msn offers 2 gb anyways.
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    Giving away 3 gmail invites

    Wahyudi, Gmail currently isn't giving invites out anymore, sorry.
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    Download This Now

    Real men open up their hex editor and code pics, for that extra control you can't get from Notepad.
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    Simple Silly Math question

    I just guessed and checked. Atlas did it the smart way.
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    Advice needed, older ppl please

    Option #2
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    Woman Dies During Screening Of 'Passion Of The Christ'

    He got struck by lightning, not once, but twice.
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    Stairway to HEAVEN?

    I agree. By the way, what class was that? Just curious.
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    Stairway to HEAVEN?

    It's like hearing the pokemon scream "oh satan oh satin" [link]
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    Stairway to HEAVEN?

    You can hear anything in any song if you try hard enough, but the reality is, the messages are really not there. The trick is to fool your mind into thinking it really does say those words. (here's the full song backwards: [link])
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    Tried out something interesting

    Trenz, you are basically stealing his account, whether she/he was using it or not. Instead of cracking the password, you used the guess & check method. That's like somebody acidentally getting into your account and then posting, "trenz, if you want your account back, pm me"
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    Cars [A post for/about ricers]

    I agree with 7trax/Kaliber. If people want to modify their car, then let them do it, so long as they dont street race. Not all ricers are bad, because some just modify a car for an import show or something because it's their hobby or whatever. And yea, that would be a waste of money, but it's...
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    Have you ever cheated at school?

    Bruce basically said what I was gonna say. I dont study extra much, and dont really prepare the night before a test. But I do sometimes, because sometimes it's really worth it. I once had a teacher tell me that "the best way to cheat is to study".
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    Happy Birthday pro5ject!

    Happy B-Day :applaudin
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    Test your response time

    Level 1 Avg fps: 38.82 Time: 14.22 sec Rate: 94.33% Hit: 50 Click: 53 Miss: 1 Level 5 Avg fps: 38.67 Time: 29.05 sec Rate: 91.66% Hit: 77 Click: 84 Miss: 2