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    What Windows Versions have you used?

    i have used window 98 window server 2003 window xp window vista window 7 and window xp is my all time favorite.
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    I didn't use them. How much they charge.
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    Running your own servers

    Thanks for your valuable help.
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    Running your own servers

    Thanks wswd for this information. There is one more thing how would I get clients for web hosting. Waiting for your reply.......
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    Which web browser do you use?

    Mozilla Firefox is the best browser. I uses Mozilla Firefox web browser. A lot of addons makes it the best browser
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    You Have Downloaded

    What is this concept I don't understand. I am confused about it.
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    Running your own servers

    I want to setup a server for my own website and want to host other websites also. It is a good idea or not. How much it will cost to host your website. I am thinking about a business in web hosting.
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    Actually I have a phobia of dogs. I hate them.
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    My pc shutdown by itself.

    I am damn sure it is a cooling problem. You should change your coolant after that it will work fine.
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    Please review my site!

    Your link is not working at my side. It is showing a error message on my screen.
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    why type of school you go to?

    Public schools are better then private school.
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    Please Review My Business Site!!

    Your website is good. The good thing about your website is to use of keywords in the title and other places. Another point I want to mention that it is so much user friendly that a layman can also understand your website.
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    what's your cpu specs?

    My processor is also intel.
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    Best Free Forum Software

    My personal favorite is phpbb.
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    What Windows Versions have you used?

    Till now I have used all the Windows version. Among all my favorite is windows XP. It is so simple to use and easy to access all information form the computer.
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    Steve Jobs passes Away

    It is a great lose to the world of technology.Apple is one the great product by Steve Jobs. Nobody can fill his place.
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    How to increase my business through twitter?

    It is easy to increase followers on twitter or facebook but it is equally difficult to get business from these social networking websites. Because people really not interested in buying or getting any information about the product.
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    Would you ever live on the moon?

    Well with amazing improvement in technology I believe one day we will be able to live on moon. The only requirement to live on moon is water and atmosphere. Scientists are trying to develop this environment on the moon.
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    Please review our site...

    I think its good. The best thing about your website is it is so simple to use and it show all information on the home page which is clearing all the concept of your website.
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    Next Windows OS

    Wow This is a great news. Microsoft is going to launch another OS. I am not sure about the name of new OS. But one thing is sure that Microsoft is going to rock.