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    free hosting for chinese sites.

    too many people in china, 56 peoples and more than 1 billion people , therefore even 'small group' means many I believe most of them are kids who abuse the web server they do not know how to go in a correct way in internet. they need correct conducted by experienced people. Please...
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    10 Professional FREE Accounts Available

    1. Domain - http://topbbs.net 2. Traffic Report - around 120 - 150 ips | 4 GB/Month more or less 3. Does your site material pass our TOS? - Yes 4. Are you ok with a banner or referral... which will you choose - I prefer referral but banner could be accepted if no concerning sex and not very...
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    ASP Hosting

    chilli-asp is quite different from ms asp 3.0 , it would be a very hard work to amend the script
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    Data transfer

    little possiblity to get a free domain
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    Fwsh.com review

    Why they not supply ASP as they run on Windows Server 2003 , sound a little strange.
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    Unlimited-SQL.COM (Now offers MORE!)

    2 suggestions for your forums, too many forums . not a good idea that all MODs in charge of all forums.
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    2 Free Hosting Reviews

    agree, they are serious you might visit www.fooplykids.com , you 'll find a real kids group, from 12 to 15 ages, as i didn't know it before and signup a forum, as i were about to move my database in, I found everything gone without any notice. So I visited they forum and found all staff are...
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    "BEST" Free Host? You Tell US! starting 100mb space >> First 400 accepted...

    It sounds great! but, is there any limitation to the web contents? what is the ads(468x60)? any sample?
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    Free Hosting - 4 Lucky People

    vonetwork.com comeback?
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    should change name to 'blocks data' :p
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    50mb/Mysql/ftp/browser upload/PHP/.NET/free forums (invision board)/FREE

    might be down, could not visit for some days
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    Who can help me with www.raketnet.nl

    Jan's right! it is very important to understand TOS
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    What is the normal ratio of space:bandwidth for free hosts?

    30M webspace / 500M BW --- Brinkster it is good for a personal site
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    Freehu.com Wtf Is Wrong W/ You Guys?

    automated signups == would be abused :p
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    Evolva Has Gone Mad! - Enjoy :d

    live just for 1 day my a/c gone all of my flash uploaded gone everything gone with the wind damn ! :angry2:
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    free host w/ postnuke and BBS support

    connect ftp -- find config.php -- right click it -- set chmod as 666 do the same work to config-old.php
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    free host w/ postnuke and BBS support

    i think it is a very clear indication.