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  1. xd3vilx


    there will be but not many. since direct downloads will waste plenty of bandwidth if make no sense for free web host to offer this for free.
  2. xd3vilx

    Happy Lunar New Year!!

    To all chinese and all those who celebrate lunar new year, I wish all of you a Happy Lunar New Year and may this year be the year for you get rich, get a new love and have a very wonderful year!
  3. xd3vilx

    Everybody signs up - But nobody makes a site!!

    I have quite a few account that is empty and has been deleted. But this is how free web hosting works. When things are free, people will grab whether they are seriously in need of it or not. That human nature. But in all those black sheeps of course they are white sheeps, are some of my users do...
  4. xd3vilx

    Free cPanel Hosting - No Ads. Quality for Free.

    Hostitele - Your Truly Free Host What is Hostitele? It a Czech word for "Host". By using this name, we hope to be a good host for your website and for your visit here in Hostitele. We maybe new, but we aim to be one of the best in the future. Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used...
  5. xd3vilx

    pic of Wicked Industries sticker

    Nice sticker. For one moment, I also though it was some adult site or something.
  6. xd3vilx

    So, he wanted to make a deal xD

    Maybe he is referring this gay, your happy. gay (HAPPY) Show phonetics adjective OLD-FASHIONED 1 happy: We had a gay old time down at the dance hall. 2 If a place is gay, it is bright and attractive: The streets were gay and full of people.
  7. xd3vilx

    I'm a Pizza Man now

    I usually just ask them to keep the change, so I guess it tip too for them, depend on the amount I give them.
  8. xd3vilx

    Reseller Request

    Hi all, I have found my host. Thanks alot for your offers.
  9. xd3vilx

    Reseller Request

    $5-10? Cause I can't over budget too, helping one of my small client to setup all this so have a budget to meet.
  10. xd3vilx

    Reseller Request

    Yes. It a must have.
  11. xd3vilx

    Reseller Request

    Hi guys, I am looking for a reseller account. Please post me your best offer. Disk Space: 3-4GB Bandwidth: 80GB Private Nameserver Overselling Enabled Transferring of existing account to new server. FFMPEG would be a plus. Plus any freebies you guys have. Below $10 would be a plus...
  12. xd3vilx

    Web Hosting Template for Sales

    Hi all, The template is sold!
  13. xd3vilx

    Happy New year Everyone!

    Happy New Year everyone! Went to the New Year celebration in my country downtown. The fireworks were great.
  14. xd3vilx

    Web Hosting Template for Sales

    Just a update, i just realise the png provided, is a multi-layer png, so editing can be done through FireWorks. It request, I can convert to psd for convenient editing on photoshop.
  15. xd3vilx

    Web Hosting Template for Sales

    he is able to provide me blank image of certain border and headers. I don't think if it was a ripped template, he would be able to provide me certain images file for me to edit.
  16. xd3vilx

    Web Hosting Template for Sales

    I can't provide the psd files. I do not have them. From what I heard from the designer, he use FireWorks to create the image instead of Photoshop therefore no psd file can be provide. As for where I got it, I got it from a designer at NamePros. He is Xcentric Media.
  17. xd3vilx

    Web Hosting Template for Sales

    Hello everybody, I have a web hosting template I brought recently for sales. After much consideration, I decided not to enter the web hosting market. Too complex and too much competition. This template is 100% unique, I have full rights to it, so after it sold, only you will have access to the...
  18. xd3vilx

    Are they similar?

    On the bright side it show your site design is simple yet effective, it so good, people copy it.
  19. xd3vilx


    I am impress by the rank 1st and 3rd. Using MS Paint to do that. WOW!
  20. xd3vilx

    Caution: Fake PayPal email scam.

    Yeah. Been receiving such email for awhile already. Worst, their link has nothing to with Paypal. Good to see you never get fall for it.