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  1. heymrdj

    Paying for 4 days of hosting (Cpanel)

    Hello everyone, thanks for your help. I got free hosting from HelioHost. They seem to have great ratings, and realistic plans (250MB space, 2,500MB BW). They had the features I needed and I was setup in 5 minutes.
  2. heymrdj

    Paying for 4 days of hosting (Cpanel)

    I'll give business to whoever responds to this first. I'm going to be here at this computer all day. I need the hosting today. I'll go ahead and just pay for a months worth. So who gets me?
  3. heymrdj

    Paying for 4 days of hosting (Cpanel)

    Hello yall, some may remember me from a long while back, but I don't know how much this place has changed :P. I'm working on my Jr. Sr. Seminar, discussing CMS and CSCW. Part of that is I want to show off Fantastico package manager, so here's what I'm looking for. The project is given Monday...
  4. heymrdj

    Athlon 1.6 GHZ / 768Mb DDR2 Dedicated Server

    Athlon 1.6 is pretty old school, not to mention single core. Many hosts now offer a Dual Core Atom 330 with 1-2GB of RAM and 160-250GB of HD space for that same price, albeit only 1.5-2TB of bandwidth instead of 2.5TB. I think a price tag of 25.99- 39.99 would be more appropriate for them.
  5. heymrdj

    Laser Printer?

    I have the Samsung CLX-3175FN (color multifunction laser) and it is great. The toners easily get 500+pages more than rated. The toners are also the price of standard inkjet cartridges, about 39-43 on newegg.com. I get about 2,400 pages out of a black toner and it's only rated for 1,500.
  6. heymrdj

    Post your desktop

    I think it's sexay :D
  7. heymrdj

    Has FWS have any fans of the band Oasis?

    Some Might Say and I'm Outta Time, judging that we're talking the same Oasis here :)
  8. heymrdj

    Small issue with Avast Antivirus

    This. Surprised it hadn't been said till now.
  9. heymrdj

    Hosting predicament, need help!

    Sounds like an over seller to me. I would say that you need to just get a new host. Care to mention the hosting company you're with? If you're in the market for a VPS though, I can personally vouch for Steadcom. I was with them for a year and it was the best hosting I've ever had.
  10. heymrdj

    Post your desktop

    You're not the only one lol.
  11. heymrdj

    My Experience with Steadcom

    It's a sandbox and runs several different apps, some don't even go out on the web.
  12. heymrdj

    My Experience with Steadcom

    I've been with Steadcom for about a year now, and I have nothing but praise for them. My tickets have been responded to at no more than 30 minutes, and this was past midnight. They provisioned my VPS with extra RAM in minutes, and when I had issues with my CC company that wasn't allowing them to...
  13. heymrdj

    The point of a VPS ?

    I'm with Steadcom for awhile now and they do have extremely high IO limits on their VPS. I run a pretty demanding service (IO wise) but I never get close to the limit.
  14. heymrdj

    WTF - A pizza roll!?

    You picked the crappiest looking pizza roll in the world for that image. Eat some REAL pizza rolls made with REAL ingredients.
  15. heymrdj

    Embedding .VOB files into sites?

    I use WinAVI for my conversions. Works great, and scales well one 1, 2, and 4 core systems. Uses your system RAM, and your GPU as well if your GPU supports the specific algorithm (such as x.264 encoding). Costs some money but well worth the price to me...
  16. heymrdj

    Screw Taxes!

    That they do. What other sensational news do you bring us David? :lol::beer:
  17. heymrdj

    Vista Support - Random Shutdowns

    Get a hirens boot disk and make it. http://www.9down.com/Hiren-s-BootCD-9-8-Keyboard-Patch-73110/ Open your start, right click on Computer, and hit Properties. Select Device manager and let it get admin priviledges. Expand Disk drives to see who makes your HD. WDC means Western Digital, then...
  18. heymrdj

    Best way to create OS Install recovery partition

    Hiren's has ghost, though technically i think that's breaking copyright. Last i looked Hirens was free, been awhile though.
  19. heymrdj

    Best way to create OS Install recovery partition

    Hirens Boot CD