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  1. theraptor

    500 posts!

    Not entirely useless, it got Bruce to post for the first time in almost two months, and Peo to post for the first time in a month... Thanks everyone though :D
  2. theraptor

    500 posts!

    Woohoo! Only took 4 years to do it too :D
  3. theraptor

    Driving a Porsche

    That is a nice 944, I'm extremely jealous. (the lancer isn't bad either though)
  4. theraptor

    How to measure reliablity in hosting

    The best way to see if a company is reliable or not is to look at three factors: 1) How long have they been around? 2) What is the server uptime they are reporting? 3) Do they have good customer reviews? Bad ones? A company that has been around for two years with good uptime and good reviews...
  5. theraptor

    Are these free hosting models in use?

    I've seen this first one around with several providers, and seems like it might be moderately viable. As for the second, the instances of would-be hosts who have attempted this and failed miserably seem to outnumber the ones who have done it successfully greatly. Of the hosts who manage to get...
  6. theraptor

    Johnny D-bag back at it again

    Some people will never change....
  7. theraptor

    Anybody Interested in helping out in the running of a new Free Hosting Provider?

    I could probably volunteer a few hours a week to help you out if you need it, especially while you are getting started. It's been a while since I've used cPanel (i've been down in shell mostly), but I've got good linux experience and I ran a post2host several years ago, and helped a friend at...
  8. theraptor

    Need Free Vps For My Php Scripting Work

    You do not need a VPS for php scripting 99% of the time. A reliable shared hosting would be a better option, as it sounds like your current hosting provider is not reliable. A request for shared hosting here is much more likely to be fulfilled, server hardware is still not cheap enough that free...
  9. theraptor

    VPS backup to HDD

    You can do this fairly easily with a little work in shell: 1) Connect via ssh to your VPS using your preferred client 2) Become a superuser sudo su or su - 3) Change to the root directory of the machine: cd / 4) Run the following command to backup the system to a compressed file tar -cvpjf...
  10. theraptor


    Yes, that would do fine. Using good 10k SAS disks or a SSD would ensure the best experience, but 7200rpm SATA drives will also work.
  11. theraptor


    Yes, this is completely legal. Anyone with a minecraft account may host a multiplayer server (you might not even need an account, but I'm not entirely sure on that point). As for os/spec requirements, you can run a dedicated server on linux or windows, minecraftwiki recommends at minimum 1GB...
  12. theraptor

    Reseller hosting using SSD drives

    Honestly wswd is doing it the best way. The biggest improvement that's going to be noticed by an ssd is if mysql is put on its own ssd. Good SAS drives are fine for user files, especially if the mysql bogdown has been removed from them.
  13. theraptor

    I have some things to sell/auction.

    how much do you want for one of the subdreamer licenses?
  14. theraptor

    Need scalable VPS with CPanel (Cloud?)

    Rusnak, They are pricey but I would recommend looking at mediatemple.net, as it sounds like they have what you need. They are also incredibly reliable.
  15. theraptor


    Wow.... Around here, all the legitimate animal shelters charge between $60-$120 (usually around $100, but if they are overcrowded they lower the fee), and that includes all the basic vaccines + microchipping
  16. theraptor

    0.49$/Slot GameServer Hosting - MyGameBoost!

    New Year, New Deals from MyGameBoost! Here at MyGameBoost we want everyone to have an affordable option for gameserver Hosting without being forced to sacrifice quality. We are currently expanding our selection of games, but here is a sample of the more popular titles we currently offer...
  17. theraptor

    Tht psd?

    There are no psd files. Also please note that while TheHostingTool is free and open source, the themes are owned by the creators. For example, Jonny is the owner of the copyright fr the default theme, and using this theme for anything other than a THT installation (such as making an html version...
  18. theraptor

    THT footer copyright?

    The Copyright variable is located in /includes/variables.php. Just add a rel="nofollow" to the link there.
  19. theraptor

    Yeah! I am NLC

    NLC = Nick Lex Coolie from what I've heard.... Congrats! I'm almost half way there :D
  20. theraptor

    Enough is enough with the free domain hosts

    Then would it be a huge issue to make a change to the rules to not allow free domain hosts to be advertised on the forums? Most of the unlimited offers I see are on free domain hosts. It might be a helpful thing.