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  1. TehGuy

    WordPress development question.

    If you just need the root url, you can echo the $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] variable. There's also the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] variable for getting the part of the path after the base URL. You can do it with javascript, too with document.URL or window.location.href. Not entirely sure if this...
  2. TehGuy

    Mobile Friendly layouts?

    There's a few options. Here's what comes to mind: 1. Responsive Design - This essentially means the layout changes depending on other factors, such as screen or window size. You can do this with CSS media queries (which aren't supported in older browers, aka IE8-) or Javascript. A great...
  3. TehGuy

    Drop down menu

    My post disappeared so sorry if it ends up showing up twice: You can do the drop down part with just HTML and CSS, nothing fancy required: http://jsfiddle.net/xBtZu/1/ If you need help with the form submission/email part, I can show you that too. I figure this post is kind of old, so you may...
  4. TehGuy

    Modal Windows - Javascript/Jquery

    Easy enough to show how it works in one post, but you're right, it's tough to explain all the concepts all at once. There's a lot involved for the whole process, even if it boils down to ~10 lines of code. You need some knowledge of html/css, javascript/jQuery, a server-side scripting...
  5. TehGuy

    Modal Windows - Javascript/Jquery

    Yup, but you gotta be a little more specific. Did you make your own modal solution, or are you using jQuery UIs? What do you mean by transfer data? Loading content on the modal only when it's clicked? POSTing or GETing data to another page?
  6. TehGuy

    Done any fun scripts / projects lately?

    Every now and then you make something just for the pure fun of it, so I figured I'd make a thread for showing off those sorts of projects. I woke up maybe 2 hours ago and decided I was gonna try to make a simple game with JavaScript/jQuery, and here's the result: http://jsfiddle.net/jFMmN/...
  7. TehGuy

    What kind of scripting is this and how do they do it?

    You can do all of that with plain jQuery, which is nice, since it (theoretically) will be supported in IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. There may be plugins for fancier animations, or something that already specifically does this, but it's very simple to implement yourself (mine has...
  8. TehGuy

    Dynamic array

    Given a 2-field table called statesCities, with fields stateID and cityName //This function will give back an array of cities that are in the given stateID function getCities($stateID){ $cities = Array(); $result = mysql_query("SELECT cityName FROM statesCities WHERE stateID =...
  9. TehGuy

    Dynamic array

    Depends on if you want to pull all the data at once, or if you want to pull it for just for a country. Ideally you'd have 2 tables: countries ID name cities ID name countryID (foreign key, referencing ID from the countries table) Yours is pretty close to the second table...
  10. TehGuy

    How to change the completion percentage of progress bar in HTML?

    The easy way: http://jqueryui.com/demos/progressbar/ The harder way is just doing it yourself in javascript, or flash if you feel like it.
  11. TehGuy

    I'm looking for some bachelor party ideas

    So I'm looking for some bachelor party ideas. The plan was gonna be camping / drinking, but that fell through due to schedules with out of town people. The party is this Saturday. Two conditions here, unfortunately: 1. No strippers / strip clubs. 2. Most of us (10 people or so) are...
  12. TehGuy

    Login proxy script?

    If you're just looking for a registration/login system to restrict access to certain pages, I can help with that, assuming a PHP implementation works for you. I've done one or two in the past, so I'm sure I could come up with something in a few minutes after work tomorrow. Just let me know if...
  13. TehGuy

    I am a big fan of Google Chrome.

    I've been using Chrome for around a year now as my primary browser. I like the dev tools that come with it right out of the box, and it's fast enough for my needs. I end up doing web development in some form at home, school, and work, so having the same familiar environment in all of those...
  14. TehGuy


    Your page is getting thrown into Quirks mode in IE7/8
  15. TehGuy

    Image Hosting Idea

    Dropbox already has a lot of those features, so does Picasa. You'd need to distinguish your idea a little more to make it worth using over an established service. The website manager idea sounds kind of cool, but I'd imagine anyone with enough technical expertise to create web pages from...
  16. TehGuy

    Free images for websites

    stock.xchng is pretty good. I use it for things like textures or background images for web design, but they've got stock images, too, from what I've seen. Each image has it's own license, so you've got to read to make sure it's okay for whatever use you want to use it for, but as far as I...
  17. TehGuy

    why type of school you go to?

    For grade school (K-12), I went to public schools. Now I'm in a state university (University of Arkansas) studying computer science (senior year, finally. I switched majors too many times).
  18. TehGuy

    Please give suggestion on my hosting site

    It felt kind of weird to me using the drop-down menu on the top. There's not really any indicator if a link has a drop-down submenu, and when you're hovering over the submenu, you don't have any indication which category the submenu came from. The animation seemed slow, too. It makes the drop...
  19. TehGuy

    movie hosting on server

    Do you have your own server or do you have shared hosting? If you don't mind super-primitive solutions (like me!) and you know enough about some programming language to add and print out information to/from a database, you could make your own script in less than an hour probably. Just set a...
  20. TehGuy

    Latest Trends in Web Design

    Probably nothing, since it's most likely a bot. Kinda makes me sad that so many posts here nowadays are from bots, or just spam. This forum is actually where I got my start in web development. It used to be really active and helpful. I check the Webdesign / HTML and Programming Help...