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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Neither did I :(
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    How to catch a kangaroo

    Bahaha! I'm an Aussie and I even think this is funny. However I seem to be less unfortunate.... and catch the jumping deer (as one of my American mates once called them) with the front of my car...
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    It's been a while!

    Haha - thanks guys! Feels kinda cool to be back. Ah Sander, long time! How have you been?? I'm not sure to be honest... guess I got caught up with work and I'm back, recently started another host and it's going pretty good like the last. What about yourself?! Much changed around here??
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    It's been a while!

    Hey folks, It's been a while! Haven't been back for ages, figured I'd pop back in and say hi since I'm back on the scene :)
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    help me beta test!

    Here, I shall do it on your behalf. Good work :)
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    *Free Videos* 16 Year Old Starts Web Hosting Company And Generates Over $605,000.

    This ought to be helpful for people starting in the web hosting industry. I'd recommend it to newbies, better start somewhere.
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    Profitable free hosting service for sale!

    Heya, I sent you a PM. Please get back to me asap. Thankya :)
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    Hurrah! :)
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    Happy new year >:)

    Hope it is full of fun and adventure :) From myself and the mob at ACTServers, Have a great 2010 :)
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    FWS Backups?.

    You all just got shut down, imo.
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    Plans Special for New Year’s Evening!!

    Well i'm working.. To make matters worse, i've been posted in the city. fml
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    Songs that would make good ringtones ;o

    I've got Anyway by Dj Somethingorather haha. Well, I've got a few.. want me to list them? (as in excessive 10+)..
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    draw the above user. in paint.

    As you can tell, i'm not the most arts illiterate person around... Doesn't help it was drawn on my notebook, not my mac. Yes, it was supposed to be a picture of a terrorist.
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    What, you didn't take your laptop to the honeymoon :|
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    Last second...

    CCNA Hates you.
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    Last second...

    Thanks for that TSO, and thanks for the laugh SitePenguin xD I'll see how it goes, some people have told me its really hard, others told me its like cutting butter with a hot knife.. We'll see.. :)
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    Review my Forum Software ;)

    Looks great.. Hell, i'd be happy to beta test this and possibly even sponsor it :)
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    Review my design please (spanish website)

    ~Edy was correct... colour combination to much. Maybe cut back on the blue and add a few more colours? Apart from that, it looks fantastic!
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    Last second...

    Pieces of advice or tips before I start my CCNA course tomorrow? :L
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    Good news everyone..

    Please, get off my thread. TSO: Tis a lovely Mac Mini.. Such an awesome little thing (:< GO THE MAC :)