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  1. Rick

    If you are a pirate, this is what you get...

    Probably the simplest method is DVDFab http://www.dvdfab.com/ Or you could get AnyDVD to unlock the disk and use some other software to rip it. Both of these are sort of pricey but they do have free trial periods. Of course there are always hacked versions of them available with a brief...
  2. Rick

    If you are a pirate, this is what you get...

    Being a contented owner of a networked media player and a really nice home theater, I ripped all of my DVD's to my hard disks and stripped out all of the annoying garbage that the various distributors saw fit to inflict their customers with so my movie watching experience is more along the...
  3. Rick

    What is the proper way to clean LCD screen?

    There is an online application that does a pretty good job of cleaning screens. http://www.raincitystory.com/flash/screenclean.swf
  4. Rick

    Favorite Type of Candy

    My wife is a candy corn junkie. For myself, I'm addicted to atomic fireballs.
  5. Rick

    How much space and bandwidth do you use?

    Currently, my main site is using about 260 mb space and averaging 9 gb/month transfer. But the transfer seems to be subjective. Once upon a time I was using shared hosting and the same site was averaging between 60 - 100 gb/month resulting in frequent bandwidth overage charges, which tended to...
  6. Rick

    Satellite image of where you live

    Mojave I'm in there somewhere... Lovely scenery if you like the color brown.
  7. Rick

    Small php+mysql Hosting

    For an art site, I'd be happy to host it for you. I can give you 250MB space and 5GB transfer. (this can be upgraded at a later time if needed) mySQL cPanel PHP etc. No ads, no forum posts required. I'm not a web host but I do host my own site on a dedicated server and have...
  8. Rick

    Popular Members of The Forum

    So it would seem, but it may simply be something you ate.
  9. Rick

    Free Host for A School Website

    If this site is sanctioned by your school, I'd be happy to host it for you. Do you have a domain, or will you be needing a subdomain?
  10. Rick

    Do you use linux?

    Once upon a time, I purchased a network card to connect my computer to my kids computer so we could share a single (dial-up) internet connection. This particular NIC came with a CD containing some version of Turbolinux. I had never heard of Linux before, so I did a bit of AltaVistaing (I had...
  11. Rick

    The most unique hits you have gotten in a day?

    I don't run ads... They irritate me.
  12. Rick

    The most unique hits you have gotten in a day?

    Once upon a time, I was getting in the neighborhood of 10,000 - 15,000 uniques per day. I changed the site to require user registration and that put an end to that nonsense.
  13. Rick

    Reseller Fraud Alert

    May I suggest that this proposed site be placed on a DDoS hardened network. The sort of people that are into CC fraud, SPAM accounts and so forth, would have no qualms about turning a bot army against any site attempting to expose them..
  14. Rick

    can someone host this small site please? With no ads

    As it's your own photography, and for what I deem a worthy cause, I'd be happy to host your site. You can contact me through this board for the necissary arrangements.
  15. Rick

    Hi! I'm New To These Boards

    You left out the part about the fuzzy stuff clogging up that spinny thing that sits on top of that finned gizmo.
  16. Rick

    Hi I'm new & need help

    Well, you've come to the right place although this may be the wrong forum. Anyway, I assume you have some sort of content or theme in mind for your upcoming website and are looking for some pointers on how to turn the vision into reality. There are a number of WYSIWYG (What You See is What You...
  17. Rick

    Forum database crash. Something got screwed [merged]

    So did most of the posts
  18. Rick

    Free Hosting Request

    I have AIM and ICQ... The ICQ is in my profile (and you can e-mail me through the profile as well) AIM is PhntTec My primary web site is www.fantaysia.com and if you dig around, there is a hosting offer there, but it's not a hosting website.