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    Unmanaged or Managed VPS

    Person or a webmaster having enough technical knowledge can opt for unmanaged vps, but again the budget issue comes. The budget provided here is not sufficient for the requirements you have specified. Hence, better opt for a high customized solution or a dedicated server hosting package. Most of...
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    Hello, I'm Mike

    Hello Mike, Welcome to FWS forum! Hope you are enjoying your stay here.
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    Affordable SEO services?

    You are right, Hydro_Host. SEO is very much easy to understand, but its a time consuming task. So, if you don't have time to do it yourself you better hire an SEO professional. Just google it and you will find the best SEO firms. OR the best i will suggest you to join linkedin.com communities as...
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    How much do you make?

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions, Judge Fudge. My technology blog is also a news site about new electronic gadgets launched in the market. I will definitely make the changes you have suggested and will try to create fresh and unique content.
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    How much do you make?

    Not much like you guys earn... I make around 25-30$ per month from my personal technology blog. I want to increase it... Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Hello From Hydro Host!

    Welcome to FWS forum! Hope you are enjoying your stay. Have a nice day.
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    Need VPS quote for Media/Streaming e-shop

    Hello icepam, just sent you PM
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    How to Improve My Website Traffic

    I too liked because of the unique and fresh content. Because content is the thing which attracts search engines and visitors. Building the unique content also attracts the other webmasters towards your site to be linked with you and for advertising.
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    What attracts people to look at blogs or websites?

    One more thing that attracts visitors to the site is the conversations going in the comment section. If the conversation is good visitors not only visit the site but also shows interests by participating in it. This way you can also get better suggestion from visitors to improve your website.
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    Do you think PPC is better than SEO

    Hey CoetlyWeeli, well other than the top search engines you can checkout the General web directories or if you are looking for a particular category sites then look out some niche directories. But, still search engines are better for search.
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    Need auto Direcotry Submitter

    Well, however i too think that automated submissions are not worth. You may get banned by the directories. By submitting manually you can ensure that your site is submitted correctly.
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    Free site submission to 150 diff search engines

    Great! Both links worked fine, submission to all sites were successful. Now waiting to see the results in the log files.
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    Hi there, welcome to FWS forum! Enjoy your stay here!
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    Add site in 140 local google search engine for free

    Great Find, man. Thanks for the share...
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    How to Improve My Website Traffic

    No, its like a community site in which you need to make friends so that people will view your profile and also you can dump your links publicly. Also, you can create your business card or image and put it as a background on your profile page. It is great for increasing traffic and google too...
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    Can't believe my username still works

    Hey Rodie, welcome back to FWS forum! You don't know me I am a new member of this forum.
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    How to Improve My Website Traffic

    You should also try out the new social networking site Twitter. This is new and faster marketing platform for business owners to market their website and products. If used properly you can get unexpected results from it. Try it!
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    My Introduction

    Thanks for the welcome, Imran. But, my name is Robin not robon.
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    New member introductions

    Hi, Welcome to FWS forum! How you doing? See you soon in other threads.
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    Hi, I'm new.

    Hello Mike,:) Welcome to FWS forum! Hope you are enjoying your stay here. See you soon in other threads.