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    Billing Solution project

    Ok guys, lets get this thing faster. Keep the name voting process short and working part long :)
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    Billing Solution project

    Launchpad would be cool for the project.For the community forum, we mostly here have our own servers, and I m sure we can work sth out.Shared hosting shall be enough for the start
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    Thread Lost

    Thanks for the explanation
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    Thread Lost

    I m surprised to see it gone too.
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    Billing Solution project

    Eris seems pretty good. Here are some of my suggestions. "Just thinking out loud ". Dream Bill easyHost Account Lab Enhanced or Acc Lab +++
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    Problems with Asian users?

    I have a few paid users on paid services, and their account looks pretty clean. But on free server, I see abuse from asian countries.
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    Billing Solution project

    Here will we develop a whole new thing, or we will work on Acc Lab Plus open source codes ?
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    Good Billing Solution?

    yeah we need a new thread and/or a mailing group or sth to get this party started
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    Need A reseller

    Can you be more specific ? What can you offer in return ? What language will the sites use ? BW and Space requirement ?
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    Need Very Very Reliable Hosting for a New Wordpress Blog!!

    PostersHost provides one click WP installation with 20 GB BW. http://www.postershost.info
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    Good Billing Solution?

    I m using Account Lab for my paid services at the moment and I can join development team.I m not a coder, but I can do other easy work, any kind of help. count me in !
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    Good Billing Solution?

    You can check Netenberg forums.Support staff is still there replying topics, but I guess development is no more done.Since it is open source now, coders shall improve it.
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    VPS streaming

    Talk to your server provider first.I m sure they can help you
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    HostBB 1.49$/Month Reliable Direct Admin 50 GB BW

    http://www.hostbb.info Dear FWS Members We offer cheap and reliable hosting with Direct Admin control panel at brand new servers.HostBB provides cheap , reliable and honest shared linux hosting. Our servers are located at United States and we are using the best hardware & software...
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    Need A New Host (Again!)

    You can also try RosenHost with automatic WordPress installation http://rosenhost.info
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    A lot of free hosts going down?

    agreed.abuse is a big problem.and securing a server is really hard if you have not enough knowledge
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    Proxy Hosting Needed

    You can try PostersHost if you will host a personal proxy.No public ones are allowed http://postershost.info
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    Cheap Hosting needed

    For those features, I guess a VPS could be a better option for you.Unlimited CPU is not reasonable for host owners.:ninja:
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    need a host, not a big request! check out!

    Check us out at http://postershost.info We provide cPanel without ads
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    Free master resellers

    Agreed.I am not telling they are the most reliable hosting providers , but I m sure they are more reliable than some company giving away free master resellers. :beer: