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    Feedback needed on these hosts.

    I'm curious to know which site you used to have. The reason I ask is not because of your opinions - if you really believed they sucked, then you are free to have those opinions. My issue is that I don't think you were ever hosted at NeoPages, and that your initial comment was false. But you can...
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    Feedback needed on these hosts.

    again? you were never hosted with them in the first place. please do not speak of stuff you do not know.
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    ADs Free ...

    if you have a good site, you can always go for www.neopages.net
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    free ASP HOST?

    actually neopages no longer offers asp support.
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    domain host

    you can try www.neopages.net . it fits all your needs, but there's an application process.
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    Nelie.org aka www.maxi-web.net is CLOSING

    you seem to think that application via forum is a bad thing. i can guarantee you the "true" users who really do need free webspace would be more interested in joining a community than simply getting a free account, esp if the specs on the hosting match. it really is no secret that the forum...
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    Nelie.org aka www.maxi-web.net is CLOSING

    sure there will be plenty. but i have a feeling that they're going to be more like community-based sites (neopages, amzweb, hey.nu). you gotta earn it now!
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    Being a Free WebSpace provider

    I think this is where you're wrong. There is no better resource than an experienced user on your service who knows the ins and out of the server as well as the quirks. and also you said earlier: i doubt these are questions which would have to be answered by an administrator ;). all i'm...
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    Being a Free WebSpace provider

    that's why you should create a community. i barely do any work for my free hosting community except server admining once in a while and set-up sites. the users themselves help each other in the support forums and the voting system is done by them. less work on my part for small things = more...
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    Where's the community?

    there's been a recent increase of free hosts that serve primarily as a community... www.neopages.net www.hey.nu www.amzweb.net
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    Php v4.1, wavs, anything

    reasons: slow, lack of ads, goes down a lot, etc. your loss. :)
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    Short List of new & old PHP-MySQL hosts here!!

    don't need forum postings for neopages.net, but do need to apply via forum.
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    Php v4.1, wavs, anything

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    no ads, +40 megs

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    Looking for these... pls help

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    Looking for Free Web service...

    can always try for neopages (www.neopages.net)
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    Free host with Lots of space and ftp or.....

    you can always try neopages (www.neopages.net)
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    Need [20mb][1gb][php][no ads]

    can always try neopages.net
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    if you're real serious about hosting you can always apply at neopages.net.