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    cPanel wants to 'eliminate' WHMCS

    I don't mind seeing extra competition in the billing system market. Though, I do hope cPanel does it right and puts some things inside to not only do WHM / cPanel right, but also some other panels as well (make it expandable).
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    Host Mist VPS Deals - SEA, ATL, DAL, LA, DE - OpenVZ and Xen

    Get Started With Host Mist! Coupon code: BIGBUCKS - Take $2.50 off all OpenVZ plans (excluding Sprinkle) Why Choose Host Mist? + Experience - Over two years of hosting and growing even bigger! + Offsite Backups - OpenVZ servers get nightly backups. + Multiple Servers - As each server is full...
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    HostMist.com - Another Server Online | 5% Off XEN | 25% Off OpenVZ

    OpenVZ use coupon code PARTY for 25% off. Xen use coupon code ANOTHER for 5% off. --Discounts are recurring-- Why Choose Host Mist? + Experience - Two years of hosting and growing even bigger! + Offsite Backups - OpenVZ servers get nightly backups. + Multiple Servers - As each server is...
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    Oh my god

    All hail George Lucas! That's a neat find how did you come across that?
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    File/Web Hosting Sponsorship Needed

    I'm sorry things did not work out for you. We do not offer free coding services let alone the entire script. You asked for web hosting in your original thread and that's what we gave you. It worked as expected so there was really no reason to jump hosts that quickly.
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    Which Forum software do you prefer?

    Used to love vBulletin - now I use IPB and if I'm tight, MyBB.
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    Dear hosts

    Well if the product expired, I may consider taking a loss just to get rid of it. I may actually save myself from further losses such as paying for disposal of the product and removal off the shelves. If nothing is wrong with the product than I would probably have to consider all benefits I...
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    Dear hosts

    Depends on what I bought them for :evilb: - if I bought off companies going under who gave it to me for pennies on the dollar, then yes I'd mark it up enough that I make a nice profit. Closeouts for the win :) Won't always work that way but it works a lot of the times.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I think this thread reached the maximum limit - can't go to the next page :P
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    Best Brand for Laptops?

    Yeah I could get it repaired but there's no telling whether I would be reimbursed or not, so I'm waiting on the outcome of the lawsuit before I do anything with it.
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    Best Brand for Laptops?

    HP wants $300 to repair the faulty chipset. The laptop as it stands is no more than a heater. www.nvidiasettlement.com - in case anyone has a laptop with an Nvidia chipset in it they can check it out and see if its affected.
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    Safest way to enter partnerships?

    nolo.com and findlaw.com - best legal advice I've ever gotten from a business lawyer. Lots of stuff on both sites to help you out and Nolo has lots of documents for sale that you can use. As long as each partner signs it and agrees to it, then you're set. Make sure to write the terms out...
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    Advice need on Resellers

    My advice would be to not jump for Alpha reseller. The idea is cool, but when its time to move - it becomes a pain. As for reputable providers, why not look at K-disk.net ? I've used them for overflow space while getting the perfect server and it worked well.
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    Best Brand for Laptops?

    Sony seems like a great brand and so does Asus with the warranty. Avoid HP at all costs and nVidia chipsets - class action lawsuit still going atm.
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    What Windows Versions have you used?

    95, XP, Vista Business, and Win7 Professional Win7 Pro works perfectly :)
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    WHMCS or HostBill?

    WHMCS no doubt about that. Years of use and haven't found any good alternatives yet other than Ubersmith (which has jumped in price lately).
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    At least you're home now though! lol
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    Forget Apple, Blackberry does it again!

    Well I love my Bold so it's probably a perfect fit for me :) As long as flash is supported I'm good :D
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    Hi everyone, I'm Matt and some of you may know me already. I was told that I should check this site out and maybe consider getting into the free web hosting market. We'll see I guess. Anyways I'm currently attending Youngstown State University and working towards my MBA with a minor in...