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  1. roblev

    Customize your hosting - Give your specs, and a price and I will help you

    Hey Guys, Since I'm not too sure what people exactly want in a webhosting package, you can make your own. All you have to do is to name what you want in the package and also how much you would pay monthly for it (realistic amount), and I will do my best to provide you with hosting...
  2. roblev

    .: TechBrink Solutions :. - Professional Hosting Solutions & More

    Hello everyone! TechBrink Solutions offers the perfect hosting, design, and software solution for you and/or your business. We have our hosting solutions starting at $4.99! Take a look at our site: http://www.techbrink.com You won't be disappointed! Guaranteed uptime! We also have a...
  3. roblev

    Valcato contacts

    Considering you contacted one of the server admin's personal IM then he has the full right to block you and say anything to you since it is not his professional IM. I don't think you should say this shit just because someone wont answer you on his personal IM system. Now come on.
  4. roblev

    Valcato needs you!!!

    Valcato Internet Services is currently recruiting for Forum Moderators and Live Technical Support representatives. For more information please send e-mail to: rob@valcato.net Thank you.
  5. roblev


    Yeah, that little downtime was because one of our connections was acting up on us so we went into action and switched to another connection. Also, I reset the server, which takes about 7 minutes too boot up fully.
  6. roblev

    Valcato Forums

    sorry guys, since i am the admin of valcato, here is the story: we installed vbulletin on valcato.NET and then a few hours later the server must have messed up big time because no matter what we cannot do anything to the forum.valcato.com site. It just messed up beyond repair.
  7. roblev

    NOBODY beats our reseller deals!!

    As the admin, I would also like to add that it is connected via OC192 fibers to Verizon as one of our backup lines.
  8. roblev

    NOBODY beats our reseller deals!!

    At well as being a customer of Valcato, and the server admin, I love this service. I have been with them for 2 years, and I have had no problems ever. Also, the server specs are as listed: Processor Info Processor #1 Vendor: GenuineIntel Processor #1 Name: Celeron (Coppermine)...
  9. roblev

    What's the best ( in your opinion ) Adobe Ps tutorial site..?

    On my list, Phong.Com is the best, WastedYouth.Org is second
  10. roblev

    No right click......and spam free

    Tisk, Tisk.... All of you, I thought you would be experienced. Oh yeah, please stay on the topic, it seems like you are veering off of it for a minute. I would like to help you guys, and this is how i disable rightclick, and how i prevent hotlinking: RIGHT CLICK: (hehe, lets see what php...
  11. roblev

    Anyone know where I can find this

    There may be some tutorials at http://www.zend.com, the maker of PHP, or at least the partner.
  12. roblev

    What do you want as/in a webservice?

    hum, now that is an idea!
  13. roblev

    What do you want as/in a webservice?

    everything but not hosting.
  14. roblev

    What do you want as/in a webservice?

    any web service you want! name a service you would like to see (like a web logging service) or what it does. like an idea!
  15. roblev

    What do you want as/in a webservice?

    Hiya ALL! Okay, I am wanting to make a web service that people will actually use, and I am slightly on the idea of one, but not too sure. It is a posting service much like PHP Nuke, well.... nothing like it except for the news posting part, that will do a lot of weird stuff, it is hard to...
  16. roblev

    disk defragment?

    i am not sure, but if by chance you turn off your computer at some exact nanosecond can't the bit being transferred from one place to another be dropped, therefore corrupting that part of the HD? haha!
  17. roblev

    disk defragment?

    those mp3s should just be like they are
  18. roblev

    Testing Dates

    how would you read the results and display them. (i wanna see if the way i do it is too long)
  19. roblev

    disk defragment?

    well i think windoes xp does something with disk defragmentation because i have install a whole bunch of crap, un-installed it, download and upload big and small files, and a whole bunch of crap and it sez that my 20 GB hard drive is only 0.5% fragmented.
  20. roblev

    Geez...you can find about anything on Ebay!

    Well I was searching for stupid things so i typed a few dirty words, one of them being "anal" and i got that. Lol. hehe. Anywho, that site just scared me for life, thank you very MUCH!