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  1. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Galaxy-Solutions.net - Fraud / Scam / Extort Money / Blackmail - Do not go near them

    Splitting it did not work. For now it can be read at http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showpost.php?p=9207701&postcount=5 I will post it here later when it allows me to.
  2. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Galaxy-Solutions.net - Fraud / Scam / Extort Money / Blackmail - Do not go near them

    I guess with FWS going so slowly It will not accept such long responses. I will keep trying.
  3. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Galaxy-Solutions.net - Fraud / Scam / Extort Money / Blackmail - Do not go near them

    I have been trying to post a detailed reply, but due to FWS lagging it keeps timing out. Dan that is incorrect, our TOS says nothing about clients not being able to share details.
  4. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Do you say Soda, Pop, or Soder?

    I call it soda. Here is a site that shows the statistics by region, http://popvssoda.com
  5. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Evernote beta invites anyone?

    Thanks Yuxan,
  6. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Talking dogs video

    Haha. That is cute.
  7. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Evernote beta invites anyone?

    Yuxuan, f you still have any left I would like to try it out. Patrick[at]galaxy-solutions[dot]com
  8. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Who's suddenly got all close-happy?

    I agree. There seems to be a rash of useless posts here lately. There is a place to talk useless nonsense, it is in the longest thread or test things out sections. The adult language has no place here, even though at times it does best describe ones feelings.
  9. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Billing Management

    Your post illustrates my point perfectly. Alberto asked for our input during development of their new version. He was always helpful and open to suggestions. The guys over there have been great to work with. We do not currently use whmcs, but we are a client as we do resell their products.
  10. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Billing Management

    I would recommend using clientexec. Galaxy Hosts and Galaxy Solutions is planning to switch to clientexec soon. There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are clientexec has many new features that are superior to what whmcs is offering and seems to be more stable. Once our database got...
  11. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Galaxy-Hosts <

    All active clients should have received an email about the situation. We have replied to all support tickets, if you did not see the reply you have not checked the ticket. Also anyone who left a message did receive a call back. This was due to the situation that all active clients were emailed...
  12. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Galaxy-Hosts <

    We are having a problem with apache on our main server (s01.galaxy-hosts.com). Clients on all others servers are not affected by this. It seems to be something caused by the easy apache software in cpanel. As of this morning cPanel's techs have been working with us on getting this back up. If it...
  13. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Obama FTW(for the win)

    I could go for that, straight forward and no nonsense.
  14. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Happy Christmas FWS

    Merry Christmas Craig and everyone else!
  15. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Lets hope that never happens..... If it were to happen, I would try to offer whatever I could....
  16. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Who loves Waffle House?

    Waffle House is great when you are hungry at .. say... 1AM.
  17. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Web Host Allience

    No, I am done with this thread. This has been discussed on this forum before. If you want to read more it can be found.
  18. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Web Host Allience

    I do not want to turn the thread into a flame war, so this is all I am going to say. Look at it this way: If your ISP shut your connection down due to the logs we showed them, they must have verified them, and therefore, come to the same outcome as us - You used an exploit on our forum software...
  19. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    Web Host Allience

    Considering our past experience with you, I find it funny that you are involved in a project like this and are even dropping names...
  20. Galaxy-Hosts.com

    This has been bugging me... please vote.

    Having played both the 360 and PS3, both are awesome. I slightly prefer the PS3 controller, but only because I played alot of PS2. Other than that the 360 would get my vote. There are more games for it. Also from what I read most new games are being coded for the 360 and converted to work on the...