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  1. Robert


    More importantly, who am I?
  2. Robert


    Hey Peo!! Everything is good. Glad to see FWS is growing. Looks different than I last remember. I see you switched to XenForo. Looking good!
  3. Robert


    hello all. Just thought I'd drop by and say hello to everyone.
  4. Robert


    I'm surprised Peo let you back, TBH. Everyone goes through stages, this is true, but dude you were constantly trolling people.
  5. Robert


    Oh hey everyone :wink2: Talk about Nostalgia, I remember back when the forums were on the old "thread" system. I'm member #4 here.
  6. Robert


    Wow... forum has changed a lot (and logo!). Glad to see Peo is still in control of the FWS (was always afraid it'd be bought out and merged with WHS).
  7. Robert

    CheckSite.us - Site Check

    Ever had a problem accessing a specific website and wondered if it was your computer, DNS, ISP or the website itself? CheckSite.us will check any website you enter to see if it can access it or not, helping you determine whether the problem is on your end or theirs. Plus, if a website is down...
  8. Robert

    really? REALLY? My thread was deleted?

    I'm surprised you haven't been banned yet, BV. :D
  9. Robert


    Not only am I a veteran, but my uid is 4!
  10. Robert


    Hi. How's it going?
  11. Robert

    Obama wins South Carolina by landslide

    Ron Paul is Republican - this was the Democratic primaries. I'm glad that Obama is leading. If I had to pick one democrat, it would be Obama. I did early voting already. I fear that it will be between Rudy and Hillary in FL. I hope it's not Hillary and I hope it isn't Rudy.
  12. Robert

    How is Gametap legal?

    GameTap pays for the licenses of the games they offer.
  13. Robert

    Network Solutions-Why You Should Boycott

    Just another example why we need to revoke all their powers.
  14. Robert


    That's cause you are an instigator and want to other to suffer like you have to suffer with your double dipping room mates!
  15. Robert

    is this a good domain name?

    The attractiveness of a domain lays in the eyes of the beholder. Do you plan on offering free cpanel? If so, then yes. I see you have it forwarded to this forum - why ??
  16. Robert

    American Primaries (IA done, NH next)

    Doesn't Huckabee's wife look like him? http://cache.viewimages.com/xc/52198003.jpg?v=1&c=ViewImages&k=2&d=17A4AD9FDB9CF1939847EC77F5F8D1CE65EE34BE1C4A8412A40A659CEC4C8CB6
  17. Robert

    Next Gen Keyboard

    Once they can make it wireless, I'll buy it.
  18. Robert

    Recovering files from problematic hard drive.

    My bad, somehow I overlooked this sentence " So I set the jumpers to slave and tried plugging it in two other Windows machines and it freezes them upon starting as well." The other option then would be to to put it into a USB enclosure and connect it to the system after it has started up.
  19. Robert

    American Primaries (IA done, NH next)

    I don't like any of the candidates except one, really. I just don't want Hillary, Edwards, or Guiliani to be the Presidential candidates. Any other ones I am okay with. I think I could live with Huckabee, but not Romeny. From the democrats side I really only support Obama. Here's how I will...
  20. Robert

    Recovering files from problematic hard drive.

    The safest thing to do is to connect it as a slave hard drive to a XP machine, then boot into XP and you will see the hard drive listed under "My Computer". You can then access all the files on the hard drive.