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  1. Wojtek

    Milf Hunter

  2. Wojtek

    Fired or Not Fired?

    I smelled right. I'm now head of the IT Dept haha :rolleyes:
  3. Wojtek

    question regarding a script

    hotscripts.com --> classified ads
  4. Wojtek

    anyone want to trade my last week for theirs?

    RIP to your buddy
  5. Wojtek

    Fired or Not Fired?

    Correct. They've been in business since 2005. I started this year. Scary thing is I didn't get any ---- over this. Heck, every boss is nicer to me now. I smell a promotion :p
  6. Wojtek

    Upgraded my netbook's RAM to 2 GB...

    Why would you need windows for that? I recently got an SSD for my thinkpad X40 That thing is amazing :)
  7. Wojtek

    Fired or Not Fired?

    Surprisingly, I was not fired. As for backups, *I* was in charge of the backups and didn't have that period on tapes yet. Covered 2005-2007 but that's as much as my free time allowed me to tape. Since we're now starting from scratches it allowed to do it properly. With 2x 11-hdd SANs for...
  8. Wojtek

    Fired or Not Fired?

    Long story short, me and a coworker screwed up big time and reformatted the wrong NAS. As a result the call center lost 4TB worth of recordings spanning from yesterday to 2008, which they contractually need to keep. Fired or Not Fired? I'll know tomorrow
  9. Wojtek

    Have I missed anything?

    Decker!! It's been a long long time heh :)
  10. Wojtek

    Photoshop - Cards

    8.5 inches x 11 inches is what a sheet of paper is use that size. split it in 4 quadrants so that your 1/4 top left is the front, 1/4 top right is the back, the bottom (inversed) will be the inside (when folded)
  11. Wojtek

    Dissolve The CRTC

    http://dissolvethecrtc.ca/ yea yea I know, another petition.... Now sign it.
  12. Wojtek

    Fake Tities

    Really? I usually do a google image search and if something comes up it must mean I spelled it right.
  13. Wojtek

    Fake Tities

    In other news, I didn't know fake tities had serial numbers. Must be to prevent counterfeiting.
  14. Wojtek

    Fake Tities

    http://www.smh.com.au/world/mutilated-model-identified-by-breast-implants-20090822-eu43.html Now that's an ingenious way to use those fake tities
  15. Wojtek

    Favorite Drink

    Beers = Heineken Drinks = SouthernComfort/Rum & Coke I like to keep it simple :) My sister's into Coors Lite. I can't stand that thing. It tastes like water.
  16. Wojtek

    Need a new VPS..

    You are overpaying. Take a look at steadfast.net I'm using their shared hosting to host my light websites and never had a any issues. Been with them for about a year and a half now. they use litespeed instead of apache, and have a dedicated mysql server that is seperate from the http server...
  17. Wojtek

    Elite Line Host | Premium Gold Offshore Host

    Didn't last long eh? :p