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  1. Coolin

    I remembered my password!

    Woah... Blast from the past. I was digging through the bowels of my bookmark list and found this page. I wonder how much things have changed in the past 8 years? It's funny how we all seem to have suddenly remembered our passwords at a similar time. ;) I wonder if anyone still remembers me...
  2. Coolin

    USA: you are now on my ----list.

    That's not the point. The audience was singing along until they got to the point where Bono sang that everyone needed to co-exist. Then they fell silent. What happened does not describe laziness within an audience, that's not really something someone can complain about, but rather, it was an...
  3. Coolin

    ipdynamic lite

  4. Coolin

    VBulletin OR Invision Power board (IPB)?

    It's all personal preference. I personally think the UI for vBulletin looks like crap, so my forum uses Invision Board. Now that Invision Board has gone paid, I cannot give it the automatic recommendation I did back then. Both boards are loaded up with features, but vBulletin has a bit more...
  5. Coolin

    Best BitTorrent Client

    Find me a legal torrent file.
  6. Coolin

    Your Fav. Browser

    K-Meleon :D
  7. Coolin

    My Tablet PC!

    You're not supposed to be gaming on a school laptop.
  8. Coolin

    internet radio

    http://solidradio.ath.cx:8100 :p
  9. Coolin

    More than half a million posts

    My first post: http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=6 I think that was the first thread on the forums? (According to Koolguy) http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=29 <--This thread was leet. Man, I was stupid back in the day. :(
  10. Coolin

    can u trust webalizer from cpanel ?

    The most important ones ot keep track of in Webalizer are Pages and Visits.
  11. Coolin

    How Fast??

    My awesome computer, so fast... :rolleyes2 Pentium 3 733MHz Processor 384MB PC133 SDRAM nVidia TNT2 M64 32mb Video Card 100GB Hard Drive 20GB Hard Drive 4x/4x/24x CD-Writer
  12. Coolin

    If you hava 50mb....

    phpBB takes up more space than IPB? That's interesting... I was under the impression that posts (which should be the bulk of any database) would take up a similar amount of space no matter what software it used since its just text. Anyway, Invision Board stores its template info in the database...
  13. Coolin

    If you hava 50mb....

    How can 9314 posts take up 50mb? My board: http://forums.boajjang.com/ Has 82901 and the Database is only 35.8mb right now.
  14. Coolin

    Beautiful place in the world!

    That's a pretty sweet bridge.
  15. Coolin

    How I am going to make 1 million dollars (USD)

    Casinos have maximum and minimum bet limits to prevent this. So this idea will not work. Anyway, you won't be winning much by playing this way. Lets say the following happens: Bet $5 - Lose Bet $10 - Lose Bet $20 - Lose Bet $40 - Lose Bet $80 - Win You win $80, and lose $75.
  16. Coolin

    Most Significant Computer Game

    Where's Pong?
  17. Coolin

    How much bandwith do you think Microsoft uses/has?

    Isn't Microsoft using Rackspace? I don't know how much connectivity Rackspace has to the Internet, but 12,000mbps seems close. I wonder if Microsoft shares their connectivity with Rackspace's other customers or gets their own dedicated pipes in their datacenter.
  18. Coolin

    Something you dont see every day

    I'd just save the Google webpage to my computer, edit the HTML between the <title> tags and then open it up. Type in http://www.msn.com in the URL bar instead and you're set.
  19. Coolin

    Hosting for an Established Website – 1 Account

    Any website with 1000 uniques per day will already be firmly established with a host.
  20. Coolin

    If Google is Down..

    Google actually had an interruption yesterday... If Google's down, I wouldn't know how to surf the internet. I've come to completely rely on it.