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    Which is the best free hosting?

    If you can afford, always try to get an affordable hosting package.
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    Video streaming server

    I have seen a lot of people asking about video streaming server ? Is FFMPEG the only way to do it ?
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    Low End Machine

    I see. If people could run WordPress on these low end machines, they would have sold like hot cakes.
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    CentOS Web Panel

    Anyone here using CentOS Web Panel ? Is it reliable and secure ? I have seen a lot of people recommending it.
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    Low End Machine

    I see. Are these low end boxes better than shared hosting ?
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    Low End Machine

    I see a lot of offers at LowEndTalk. But is it of any use ? What can a 256 MB VPS do ?
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    DDoS Protection

    I was told that DDoS is the biggest risk you face when you try and run a server from home. That's the reason I asked. :)
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    best server type for game website with lot graphics?

    Do you offer gaming servers on it ? If not, shared hosting will do ok for beginners
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    DDoS Protection

    How is Cloudflare protection against DDoS ?
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    Adobe acquires Magento

    How do you think Magento will be used ? Read more : https://techcrunch.com/2018/05/21/adobe-to-acquire-magento-for-1-6-b/
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    The scrapping of Flash

    Flash is already gone from Linux. Flash for Ubuntu lost support last year. And they are not going to put it back. A few of the providers I use still depend on Flash. Hard to ignore Windows with Flash gone in Linux
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    Is there any free alternative to Patchman ? Something that works with VestaCP or command line
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    DDoS Protection

    Other than DDoS, what will affect hosting websites on it ? Won't our ISP have some sort of DDoS protection inbuilt ?
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    DDoS Protection

    How do you provide DDoS protection for a server ? I want to host a server from home and is concerned about DDoS. Do we need hardware to provide DDoS protection ? Thanks.
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    Best anti virus

    Another vote for Avast. There are security concerns related to Kaspersky. Mainly the Russian spy thing. Even 360 Total Security is good. But again, many recommend not to use for being Chinese.
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    Linux vs windows hosting

    Being a pampered cPanel user, I am more keen to use Linux hosting. Of course, there is Plex and other web panels and interfaces. Still, when one gets familiar with Linux hosting and it's likes, it is hard to go to Windows server. Again Windows is widely used in enterprise seen. Microsoft might...