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    Reseller Programs...

    you will have to use the CP that the company provides as far as i know. and CPs tend to cost arond US$500 for a licence to use them.
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    Need Host..

    updated, more suggestions please. ;) **Edit** o, i missed it. u've already given me some, thanx.
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    Need Host..

    ok, i need a cheap paid host, with these specs..... 500mb 20gb transfer 5 subdomains 10 pop-accounts + SMTP/IMAP server Email Aliases E-mail autoresponders E-mail forwarding 3 MySQL Databases PHP Perl CGI-Support .htaccess Password protected directories 5 FTP Accounts +...
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    Small Free Host

    well, i dont really care about fast, but not hopelessly slow.
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    Small Free Host

    i dont anything special, dont have to be reliable, long term, support, nothing like that. i just need these things, and in english, or can sign up easily. - 10mb - <1gb transfer - no file size limits. - php - FAST mysql - perl (not needed) - fast, fast, fast. i need to test some...
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    10mb, low bw ok, php, fast mysql, no file size limit

    10mb low bw ok php fast mysql no file size limit ____ dont say dk3.com or coolfreepages.com ____ need quick answer.
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    dedicated servers

    do u remember the address? might be what i'm looking for. i might just go with your reseller tho. i'll c. btw, i got my mum interested .;)
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    dedicated servers

    all i need a really, REALLY cheap dedicated server. i dont need like 40gb, mab 10gb, and not too much bw, all i need it to be a cheap. and with stuff like mySQL, perl, php, domains, subdomains, cp, whateva else..... any recommendations?
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    i'm looking for a really cheap domain. i cant find the post i saw b4, saying that godaddy.com wasn't that good because it didn't offer any configuration stuff. could someone please give me an address where i can find it, same price tho.
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    WS_ftp is pretty crap in my opinion. i would use SmartFTP. do a search for it in http://www.download.com
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    Free Domain Hosting?

    try, http://www.myacen.com or http://www.hostonce.com they both have what you want (from memory) and are really cheap.
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    Changes @ Demented.org

    i know, pitty really, well, u cant expect them to keep the 'unmetered' space/bw up for that long. well, with no ads at least.
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    A hard one...

    phpBB2 is a much better board.
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    696 Hosting Has a Proboard?

    it loads really slow too, i'd think that they'd put it on their own server too. wierd.
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    I want a free hosting!!!

    pretty stupid to post your password up here in full view of about 6,000 members...u should email it to them. i would cencor it, but i'm not a mod.
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    IkonBoard Hosts

    i think what roly means is that he used the Yupapa sendmail servers. right?
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    PHP with a WHOPPING 5mb /transfer/month!!!!!!

    i dont come here often, but this is probably the funniest thing i've seen around. might do well on a 'humour' page on a site.
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    they are in the testing stage, if they eventually get up, it wont last long (mab 2 hours), but for that time, it would be the best free hosting around.
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    if it was a scam, couldn't they be sued for it?