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    TV not recognizing movies on flash drive

    Hi Everyone, been a LONG time since I been on the forums. Need a little help. I have a 32gb scandisk usb drive, that I am trying to put movies on for my daughter. I have done this YEARS ago, and always worked fine. However, for the life of me, no matter what file system or other settings I...
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    FREE Video Capture Software

    I use teamviewer to do webinars with, for people I help learn how to trade Forex. I love Teamviewer for the features it has, plus that it is free as well, but it takes forever to process the videos from TVS to AVI format. I was using snagit to record the video, while I used Teamviewer to...
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    PC Not Recognizing USB Drive in My Computer

    Hey everyone, Been quite a while, since I have been on the site. Have missed it. I am having an issue with a USD Drive I bought, and after much Googling, Youtube Videos, I have been unable to find a solution that works for me. I am hoping a member here, will have some sort of help for me...
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    Visual Voicemail IPhone 5s

    Hi, I bought a new Iphone 5s...I didn't realize, it came with a verizon sim card, so I bought an ATT sim card instead. Before switching, I liked the visual voicemail option. After switching and doing a carrier update, the visual voicemail went away. Any way to get it back? I have been...
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    Trying to install device drivers for USB wifi connector on desktop

    My daughter got a desktop pc from her school as part of some program. The computer itself is pretty decent. However, it does not have a wireless card already built in to the desktop, so I went online. I couldn't really find anything, but a USB Connector for wifi. I figured it would come...
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    Chrome loading web pages very slowly or not at all

    Okay, so I was able to resolve the whole booting up issue. One of my sticks of ram was bad. So instead of running 6gb, it was trying to run on 2gb.
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    Chrome loading web pages very slowly or not at all

    After doing some Google Research, found out that the wifi icon on the keyboard wasn't working properly. It was supposed to be green and instead it was a flicker of orange. Unfortunately, couldn't try and fix it, as the laptop was installing updates, and something went wrong, and now the...
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    Chrome loading web pages very slowly or not at all

    Hey everyone, been a while. Got an issue, with a laptop that I got last week. I formatted the hard drive on it, and installed Windows 7 Ultimate on it, and everything went great, like it always does for me. However, the issue that I am having, and not sure what is causing it, is that...
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    Credit Card Submission Form

    I can understand why everyone wants to have that opinion. However, before they changed their policies, I was doing this for 5 years, with no problems what-so-ever. Unlike other companies, my prices are different from every single job and range from $85.00 to several hundred. Only reason I...
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    PC Not Recognizing Damaged Hard Drive

    I need a little help, hopefully. I have a 2tb damaged hard drive that is my secondary HDD inside my desktop. I just upgraded my primary HDD to 2tb, and am wanting to trade out the damaged one as well. Before I switched the primary, I could access the files and folders of the damaged one on...
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    Credit Card Submission Form

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    Credit Card Submission Form

    Hey everyone. I have a situation. I have used Jotform.com for many years for submission forms for most of my websites. Always been great. Well recently, they are no longer allowing any member to use forms to capture credit card information, as they are claiming it is illegal due to potential...
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    xenForo it is!

    How can you edit your profile information? Like signature, and other items?
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    Google Business Listings

    Can anyone provide me a link or walk me through on how to get a local business listing on Google. I am referring to when you type something in like "auto body repair in manassas" that your business would show up along with other auto body shops. My in laws and I are both trying to figure...
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    xenForo it is!

    Peo, Loving the new look my friend. Do you like this a lot better than Vbulletin? I have been thinking of possibly switching softwares, but the only other one I am familiar with is mybb aside from vbulletin, and to me, there just isn't a lot of creativity with mybb. Vbulletin is good, but I...
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    Best Ecommerce Website Software

    I need a script/software for an entire site. It would help if it came with a lot of features, or reasonably priced ones, and templates as well.
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    Best Ecommerce Website Software

    On and off for 2013, I been selling on ebay, and making good money with it. For 2014, I plan to ramp that up even more. Including selling on Amazon, as well as my own ecommerce website. So far, I have installed Magento, Prestashop, and currently TomatoCart. I like the front view of...
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    Transferring site/files from one domain to another

    I was able to successfully do it through the file system in cpanel. Did it once in the past and something went wrong, but luckily this time, it all went good.
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    Desktop Running Slow

    They are both in there, but 1 could be bad. It says I have 6gb of ram with 2.97gb usable.
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    Transferring site/files from one domain to another

    I am wanting to move my entire site and all the files from one domain to another, on the same hosting account. I want to still be able to use the same MSQL files etc. What is the best way of accomplishing this. Never have done it before, and want to ensure that I do it right. Thanks.