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  1. noeska

    [REQUEST] 30MB Space / 5GB Bandwith

    @kUnde: Sorry if am sceptic, but how on earth can you offer 300GB bandwith for free without ads?
  2. noeska

    free wiki hosting?

    thanks for the offer NetMaster but i already found http://www.swiki.net.
  3. noeska

    free wiki hosting?

    Is there place that provides free wiki hosting?
  4. noeska

    free hosting with domain pointing?

    I am looking for a free host to host my family website. I already have a domainname working at mydomain.com. For now i used mydomain redirection services. That works ok, but the page is loaded inside an frame. Recently i took a look at free domain hosts, but it seems that either i have to...
  5. noeska

    Needs a Reseller...

    maybe this is something (not sure though): http://www.fateback.com/ also look here: http://www.freewebspace.net/guide/co-branded.shtml
  6. noeska

    Another Free Reseller Request

    maybe this is something (not sure though): http://www.fateback.com/ also look here: http://www.freewebspace.net/guide/co-branded.shtml
  7. noeska

    Free reseller request

    maybe this is something (not sure though): http://www.fateback.com/ also look here: http://www.freewebspace.net/guide/co-branded.shtml
  8. noeska

    service like sourceforge.net

    accidently by googling i found this: freepository.com does anyone here use them? Let me know your experiences before i sign up there. EDIT: before you know it you find a complete list: http://www.devlib.org/Open_Source/Hosting/index.php Any recomendations?
  9. noeska

    service like sourceforge.net

    CVS stands for concurent version system. It allows to track changes in documents. So you can backtrack what a file looked like a month ago. And even better what is the difference between them. So there are no other similar services like sourceforge?
  10. noeska

    service like sourceforge.net

    Is sourceforge.net the only to offer cvs? Or are there more companies offering something like sourceforge? Or to state my question differently: I am looking for a free cvs host, does anyone know of any other then sourceforge?
  11. noeska

    any free service with unlimited email alias?

    Take a look at: http://www.mydomain.com/
  12. noeska

    need a free e-mail with pop/imap where I can download and send messages

    Have you already taken a look at: http://www.freemailguide.com/free_pop3_email.html
  13. noeska

    howto create an access2000 database with only asp?

    I am currently using access97 databases with my asp site. My providers suggest i switch to access2000 besause at bussy times acces97 supports 'crashes' access2000 does not. I don't have the budget to buy access2000 and i do not want to use illegal software. So i thougth maybe using ADO and ASP...
  14. noeska

    offline downloading?

    Is there a service i can use to remotely download a file from a site where i can download it from later? Like a remote filestorage that is able te get contents from a site that is slow.
  15. noeska

    Anybody know anything about ASP/ASP.NET and MSSQL Database?

    You could try Web Matrix from Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/webmatrix (i hope this is the right url)
  16. noeska

    ASP - help needed

    <% If Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") = "" Then Response.Redirect "http://www.disney.com" End If %> <html> here comes your own (html) code.
  17. noeska

    ASP - help needed

    Response.Redirect should be placeed before any output is send to the browser. The best place also is the first line of you code before the html tag. This way you are sure nothing is send to the browser. Also i would remove the comment tag as it might obscure the then part of your code.
  18. noeska

    what do you want in a CMS?

    Try looking at the htx/idc sytem microsoft invented for database access via the web it provides an easy way to provide for templates, without getting to complicated. And if you know you programming you can write asp/or php script to use them yourselves.
  19. noeska

    what happened to sharemation.com

    works for me again to works for me again to, dont know why it did not work before. Thanks.
  20. noeska

    what happened to sharemation.com

    what happened to sharemation.com? I can't reach it anymore. I wanted to update some files at my account but i www.sharemation.com does not seem to be there anymore? Is this just temporary or are they bust?