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    need a small host

    Thanks will try now
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    need a small host

    Hi i am starting to learn php and need a small 5mb host with something like a gig of bandwidth along with mysql, also as for ads i do not mind pop ups and i mite be ok with a banner thanks
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    need a free host.

    i am starting to learn 3D Studio Max and i am thinking of designing a site to show my work and maybe a few simple tutorials. i need 40-50mb 1-2gig of bandwidth per month 1-5mb file size ftp popups are ok, i could possible work a put a banner or button on the site i got a design in my mind...
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    Image Hosting

    sign up to www.imagestation.com very good upload is a bit slow.
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    Start a free host for free

    it would be easyer to host from my pc just have fast connection and maybe install php mysql on apache and then use soemthing like key focus web server and get something like serve u or war ftp so people can upload stuff to they account i would do this and would not take me long to get it set up...
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    anyone want to host me

    hi i need a host for my site teched/art it going to be like reviews on software on stuff like adobe photoshop and some tutorials on making stuff and how to set up a small little web server on ur pc and run php/mysql and perl and also it will have d/ls of stuff of cool little things like stuff...
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    What happened to Host Ultra

    will u still have the same features also are u plaining on offering 1 mysql Db if yes this would be really really good
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    i thing u can hotlink a photo from www.imagestation.com should that do the trick
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    Planing On Starting A Free Host

    cool 50mb space would do and 2gb of bandwidth. But ads pop up would be better to keep ya going. is they any way of getting advance sign up.
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    whats your opinion of www.clawz.com free hosting?

    Ya they have been down for about an hour for me i get php and mysql errors but on they subdomain part of the member area has errors shibbs
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    MySQL with external connection

    portsql i could not even sign up it says can only have databse? this is my first time going to portsql
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    File storage / Downloads

    No i just like it i think it is very good. it meets his need so i am posting it it slow i get d/ls speed of 15kbps but it is for free
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    File storage / Downloads

    www.imagestation.com 40mb file size for a video 20mb for image and u have unlimted space
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    Photo uploads

    i could always try www.imagestation.com i am not to sure if u can hotlink but a good host for images and videos
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    refined-designs.com? free hosting

    and about the ads on php pages that is a lie. i had tons on my php pages
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    just need php/mysql and at least 20mb space

    i really need php/mysql and ftp with at least 20mb space and around 1gig+ of BW. all this to host a little commuity. any good free hosts(NO TRIPOD UK) or anyone willing to host me. thanks Paul P.S It Must be able to run Vb board
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    refined-designs.com? free hosting

    i have used them for a few months and the ads are bad they are starting to take up the whole site
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    refined-designs.com? free hosting

    DAM. now i got to find a good php host with mysql to host my Vb board will tripod uk can tripod uk Handle VB
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    refined-designs.com? free hosting

    does he still do the free hosting he was hosting me for free and then my account got deleted i think?. also i kept asking for a mysql DB he never gave me one :cry2: and i have not seen him on aim for a few days now.
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    new host [Imagestation]

    to anwser ur questions. u can d/l of they and hotlink. and they is no data limit. and i know it is slow i get 18kbps when d/l stuff of they but what more do u want to store videos and images on they. u will not find a free host like this