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    OGen Enterprise - Premium and Cheap Web Hosting

    OGen Enterprise - Premium and Cheap Web Hosting | £1.29/Month | Premium Support Hello, OGen Enterprise provides Web hosting at cheap rates with High Quality network, speed and support. OGen Enterprise Features :- High Speed Network Easy to customize Forum Support Support...
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    Which Windows versions you like?

    Windows 8 Hey, I love Windows 7 than 8. But I think it depends how you use. If you are using for professional purpose then you should select Windows 7/XP. For personal purposes Windows 8 is awesome. However, I am waiting for Windows 10 to arrive :)
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    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    Free/paid Hello, We cannot really decide like this. Basically, it depends how you want to use it. Surely you cannot use free webhosting on a site where traffic and usage is very high. I used free hosting only on testing some sites, etc (in the starting). I prefer Paid hosting.
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    About dDos

    DDoS Protection Hi, You may use prolexic.com to protect from DDoS attack.
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    how do you pay for hosting services?

    Host Hello, I usually pay from PayPal because it is more secure and trusted.
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    tech staff

    Hello, It is very easy to choose. All depends on his Skills and Experience. In my case, I may not give more importance to experience because we all should given chance to newbies. The most important thing is Skills. If he have good skills, I will definitely select him. Also, we should not ask...
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    Best Live chat software

    Pure chat Hey, I used Pure Chat once, I liked that. But now I am using custom one which is created by me.
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    Linux vs windows hosting

    Linux Hi, Linux is generally easier and simpler to use than Windows. It comes with pre-installed software that’s ready for modification and extension. Linux was designed to support basic web hosting, which means users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to maximize website productivity...
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    Do you believe that ... ?

    Hello, Yes, paypal is more secure among others. If you refer to PayPal site, you will find that: Technology Our state-of-the-art fraud models and proprietary fraud engine work together to help stop fraudulent transactions before they happen. In addition, PayPal stays at the forefront of...
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    Different Types of Web Hosting

    Hey, Good information! I think the types which you listed are basically enough. But still you are missing some. Also Mac hosting is available!
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    VPS Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting

    Hey, I suggest you to use Dedicated server if you are hosting a big site with High traffic. Many of them listed the features of dedicated hosting in above comments. In short you should choose dedicated hosting because it have: High Security Greater Reliability Retaining the Opportunity for...